GRIMM: SEASON ONE: Episode 5 Review

GRIMM: Series 1-Episode 5 REVIEW!

Its not time yet for me to slap Grimm into the dropped box which my surprise a few. Now I admit I was tempted last week and I honestly thought that this was the week I was going to do it, because I did not expect much out of this episode but maybe because my expectations are down, then somehow I enjoyed this episode. It was hardly a brilliant episode but it helped that the storyline was quite dark and what got me hooked was the fact we had a lovely grisly murder at the beginning.
Seeing a death at the beginning of a show is a normal trait for these kind of shows but fair play on Grimm for offering us something really dark. Yes we saw a music teacher get eaten alive by a horde of rats and oh yes, we actually got to see it. Now I am easily seduced when it comes to the gore and maybe that is why my horror eyes lifted up with interest and we had a case that brought the Pied Piper storyline to the show.
Unlike True Blood and the rest of the TV shows I review for HCF, I just can not invest into these characters that I probably should be. This is why I find it hard to write these reviews for Grimm because I do lose interest in the show. Such a great start to this episode made me hope that finally the show had come of age and while this is the first episode I did enjoy since it began, I still find the overall concept just not happening in the way it should!
The story of a poor teen getting bullied is a plot that we have all seen before and the story did seem that it borrowed a lot from the film Willard, in which the student Roddy (played by Nick Thurston), can communicate with the rat animals which brings chaos to the Grimm universe. A nice touch to the show in that Roddy was not quite the bad guy that we were promised and I did like this angle, more so when Roddy met up with Eddie because lets be honest the more we see of Eddie then the more Grimm is good.
Nick continues to get better in his role in the Supernatural world even though his actions are beginning to get noticed and I just wish that we saw more of his relationship with Juliette who once again, yes you know what I am going to say- just done nothing of note. Now I know this mirrors the Buffy and Mother storyline but then that was better writing and when the Slayer’s mother found out what her daughter done for a living the wait was worth it because the build up was good. Here we are not seeing enough of Juliette to care and at the moment even if she does discover what Nick is doing, I probably will just raise my head and think “Oh ok, lets move on”…..
Grimm is trying its hardest to become a great TV show and with the few moments of a dark vibe on show it did raise my interest but it soon faded away because I just want more from the universe that they have created and at the moment, I honestly do not feel I am going to get it!
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