GRIMM: Series 1-Episode 4 REVIEW!

GRIMM: Series 1-Episode 4 REVIEW!

Grimm continues to be the hardest thing to review for HCF. I would love to say it was because of its twisted plot and ingenious direction that left me puzzled and enthralled but sadly that is not the case. Grimm just continues to be a be just……well, average. It offers nothing new to what we have seen before but better, I mean the Monster of the Week was done brilliantly in X Files, carried on in Buffy and Angel and over recent years in the sublime Supernatural, Grimm at the moment is just not offering nothing new to the genre and yet despite that I am still watching it.
Here at HCF we have decided to do a “YOU DUMPED” logo which means that when a TV Show finally bores us to death you will see this appear on the review page,
And we will then from that moment cease the reviews of that particular programme, so far Grimm is just doing enough not to become the first programme on HCF to get that dreaded symbol but it is getting there, it needs to pick as soon as possible because like I said, so far its just not getting my juices flowing.
The problem I am getting is that the now the characters are established and the world of Grimm is known, the overall concept is not growing at a faster rate. We need to move on from these single stories and get a real bite into the overall plot that Grimm is heading too. I mean where is the danger?, Who is the real big bad and what the heck is the point of Juliette, yes I am keeping on about that useless woman again but do you blame me……once more she offered nothing to the episode and I think like I always say in these reviews that its time for the big reveal because lets me honest, she is there for a reason and I am sure its going to be something that impacts on the life of Nick.
This week the story was on a bit of a dodgy ground about serial rapists and the tone of the show did not sit tight with me, I mean its not a topic that should be taken lightly and yet the open ending climax seemed to show that it did!
The best thing about the whole show was once again Eddie whose appearance playing the cello was worth the watch alone and I really hate writing short reviews because it gives the impression that I can not be bothered but when a TV show offers so little then what can I possibly write about.
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