TRUE BLOOD:SEASON 4-Episode 6 Review

TRUE BLOOD: SEASON 4: Episode 6 Review
After last weeks stunning cliff-hanger, Bill rushed over to Sookie’s house and caught his Ex and arch enemy Eric all set to do more than heavy petting. Bill was furious, Sookie screamed for a bit and poor Ericlook confused and after all the build up…..that was that!After such a blistering start to season four of True Blood, for the first time it seems the wheels are beginning to fall off and its such a shame because only last week I was praising the show for being totally brilliant. Now am I really that fickle? Well it seems I can be because what a difference an episode makes and I do not think I have been so downbeat after a season before, well that is actually a lie, anyone who has seen Season 4 of Prison Break and Day 6 of 24 will tell you how I am feeling after this episode.

So what went wrong?

Well everything just annoyed me, it seemed that all the built up came to nothing. Bill arrived and done nothing but just arrest poor Eric, Sookie was left deeply angry but did not even show half of what she is capable of and then of course we had to witness boring scenes of Bill and his empty threats to kill Eric in which every viewer knew that was not going to happen and then after all that, he left him go so he could run home and finally have sex with Sookie.

I mean the whole point of this episode was a waste, it felt like padding out, an episode where the writers had no idea what to do so just wrote one to pass the time away. I mean we ended the show right back to where we started and I thought to myself “Well that was a waste of time!”.

To prove my point lets go to Jason who was chained to a bed in fear of changing into one of those creatures that abducted and raped him for a few episodes. Now this had me interested for a while especially when he ran off into the woods leaving Sookie fearing the worst. When Alcide and Debbie turned up and told Sookie that Jason is panicking over nothing and there is no way he can change into one of those creatures then sorry but my jaw hit the floor. Now do not get me wrong I am glad Jason stays as one of the only few humans in Bon Temps, but lets be honest what was the point of the whole storyline then. I mean surely those who kidnapped him knew it was impossible to turn him, so why say they are? If you actually think of the logic of it all then it does not make any sense whatsoever and unless a sudden plot development happens next week, the whole “rape” storyline leaves a very sour taste in my mouth.

Back then to Tommy who after his act of killing his family he can shift into anyone he wants and his first act was to change into Sam and sack Sookie and sleep with his Brother’s girlfriend. This does have a real good potential to run for further episodes but you do fear for the lad when Sam discovers what he has done, I mean the last time he pissed him off Samshot him in the leg, this time the poor fellow may not be so lucky.Terry and Arlene’s baby continues to be be freaking everyone out. This time a house fire causes the couple to run out of the house and see not only their kids outside but being told that the baby was already outside before everyone. Last week he was drawing with crayons and now he can start a fire….hmmm! and what is it with that creepy doll and that woman figure at the end who only the baby could see……..good storyline lets just hope it leads somewhere.

Tara continued to bore the shit out of me, and finally the big bad witch has arrived and taken over the body of Marnie. Lets just hope then that this was just an off the boil episode and we back to what we all know and love next week!

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