Fringe Season 4 Episode 16 “Nothing as it seems” (Contains plot spoilers)

(Contains plot spoilers)

Episode 16 “Nothing as it seems” kicks off with case we saw previously in the first season, and I did wonder at first if the episode was a repeat, getting a bit confused, and then realising it’s similar to the case we saw in season 1, but with a different set of events. Here’s hoping that the viewers have followed Fringe from the start!!!!

To recap, in season 1, Marshall Bowman, a passenger on a plane, after warning the crew to give him all the sedative’s they could find, transformed into a porcupine looking beast in the plane loo, after injecting himself with a “designer” drug, and killing all on board. But the events in this episode were different, and he managed to contain the transformation, although not for long after being removed from the plane, and subsequently made the transformation whilst being interrogated by two security officers, and ripped them to bits!!! I have to admit that the beginning scene of this case was one of my favourites from season 1 as JJ Abrams always gets his beasts spot on, and the effects at the beginning were truly fantastic!

Meanwhile, Olivia is now accepting the shift in memories from the self she was before Peter came along, to the memories that now contain Peter in them. However, due to this she has to go under a psychiatric evaluation, which concludes that she is currently unfit for field work, with the news being delivered to Olivia from Broyles! Lincoln takes over the Fringe team.

Lincoln is alerted to the case, which Peter instantly recognises from previous times, although with the events slightly different, which leads them to the house of Daniel Hicks, who Peter knew was also going to receive this “designer” drug. During the car trip to the house, poor old Lincoln looks really uncomfortable (and a tad upset), now knowing that Peter and Olivia are an item. Peter asks Lincoln is he wants to talk about it but he says he’s ok, and Peter thanks Lincoln for understanding. (I do hope though that they don’t linger Lincoln’s pining much longer though as I love him as a character, and it might get a bit annoying after a while!!!) They arrive at the house, only to find the “dismissed” Olivia waiting to join their investigation. Lincoln reluctantly agrees to let her join their investigation and they enter the house to find that Hick’s has already transformed, then manages to escape, injuring Lincoln in the process.

Back at the lab, Walter examines Lincoln and thinks that he might be infected by the virus, worried that he may become like one of them, and decides to keep him in the lab, much to Lincoln’s annoyance. Also, while examining Bowman, he notices a tattoo on his body which looks like a cult symbol, and he and Olivia pay a visit to Edward Markham’s bookstore (the little weird chap they visited in previous seasons and who obviously doesn’t know Olivia and Peter in this timeline) to get some help trying to identify the symbol. It turns out that it symbolises a group who are trying to create a new and better evolution of mankind. Funnily enough, this leads to a document created by none other than Massive Dynamic, but after Nina checks through the archives, it would appear that David Robert Jones had managed to delete them. We are then led to believe that it is the meddling of David Robert Jones that is the reason for the change in events.

Meanwhile, Walter has been keeping an eye on Lincoln, and after Lincoln starts getting the munchies and craving fatty foods, Walter realises that those who are infected with the “designer” drug are using the fat within their bodies as energy to stimulate the transformation, but drugs that they found on Bowman would have been used to slow the transformation, and therefore allowing the person to survive it!!!!

Walter also concludes that the beasts are most probably getting hold of excess fat from plastic surgery clinics and through using some technological software to analyse the DNA, they quickly realise that the beast is not only nocturnal, but also has wings so that it can fly. I did think at this point that it was getting a bit bizarre!! But hey ho! It’s Fringe!

They look into high rise plastic surgery clinics in the city which leads them to Hick’s and his female friend who is hiding/caring for him. They manage to kill the beast and capture its female friend, although she is unable to inform them where the “designer” drug came from in the first place! Walter wonders if David Robert Jones is using these beasts as a way of taking control of the fate of the universes, almost creating himself as a kind of god!! The scene then moves to a man locking the beasts in cages on a ship being transported somewhere, along with various other weird looking creatures, all in pairs in a Noah and the Ark like fashion!!!!!!

Finally, Broyles allows Olivia to return to duty as he feels that a Fringe Division with Olivia is much better than one without!!

Well, Walter was definitely on form this week, and so pleased to see the cheeky Walter with a spring in his step return, rather than the gloomy, downtrodden Walter we’ve been subjected to over the last couple of weeks. I love Walter like this, and also when he’s in an exceptionally bad mood!! Every episode Peter and Walter are getting closer and closer, with the Bishop duo becoming nearer in sight! I loved the peanut and bacon sandwich concoction this week, makes me almost want to try it for myself!

I can’t say though that this week’s case did much for me though. I did get a bit excited at the beginning seeing the recap of a previous case, but I just felt like something was missing, and lacked substance. However, I’m assuming then that we’ll be seeing more of these beasts, and how and for what purpose I’m not sure. But as the season begins to wrap up, I’m sure it won’t be long until we find out!!! Including David Jones’ antics and his whole plan for the universe.

Also, did anyone notice Astrid’s weird hair this week?? Just seemed a bit random and very pulled back…..

By Kirsty Wavish

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  1. yes, i did notice astrid’s hair, but didn’t think much of it till just now, as im watching the next episode, ‘everything in its right place’ – the first shot with peter in it (and the cow), he has some odd hair! I suppose it’d take a third episode to confirm (if there was another case of ‘odd-hair’), but seems like it could be a nice easter egg of sorts (like the plant-images that they always flash before a commercial break) . ..

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