007: Bond Returns In SKYFALL

The 23rd installment in the James Bond movie franchise is set to be released this October when Skyfall hits the theaters in the United Kingdom.  This movie will be the third film to star Daniel Craig in the iconic role as 007, a role he first took on while playing casino games and saving the world in Casino Royale.

This installment of the Bond franchise will delve a bit deeper into the past of a character that has not been well examined in the franchise.  The head of the MI6 known as M, played by Judi Dench, will be examined as it is said that Bond’s loyalty to M will be challenged based on secrets from her past.  This will be Dench’s seventh consecutive film with her in the role of M.

The basic plot of the film revolves around the MI6 being attacked and it is up to Bond to locate and eliminate the threat to the MI6, and he must do so despite the cost to himself.  In addition, the primary villain of the film is said to have had a past with Bond.

Many feel that this could be one of Craig’s better films as Bond due to the fact that this will be his third film in the franchise.  Sean Conner and Roger Moore both took about three films to really get into their roles fully and both Goldfinger and The Spy that Loved Me are among the best Bond movies of the franchise.  Both films were the third installments for both actors.

The latest film will also mark the 50th Anniversary of the franchise dating back to 1962’s Dr. No.  One of the classic Bond trademarks from the past, his Aston Martin DB5 will also make a comeback in the film.  It has appeared in five other Bond films dating back to Goldeneye.  In fact, there is a rumor that one of the scenes filmed in Skyfall will looks as if it could have actually taken place during the 60’s film.

By and large, expect Skyfall to have a dark undertone, perhaps one darker than any of the prior Bond films.  Trailers already promise a lot of action, explosions, and high drama.  Casino Royale is already considered one of the Top 5 casino movies of all-time and this  installment could well rank up there with the film for best Bond movie.  With this being the 50th anniversary, it seems producers have pulled out all the stops to make this one the best and most memorable of the storied franchise.

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