Parsec Productions Free First-Person Intense Survival Horror PC Game SLENDER Proves A Terrifying Hit

You’re probably looking at the above photo and thinking “what the?!”. Let me explain. Parsec Productions, independent game creators, have masterfully created a tense first-person horror set in sprawling woodland in the middle of the night. Your aim is to collect 8 notes with aid of your torch, which you can switch on and off. Sounds easy? Wrong. Lurking in the woods is the Slender Man, a creature which started as an internet meme created by Victor Surge on the Something Awful website as part a photoshop contest. The contest encouraged users to digitally manipulate innocent photographs into something spooky and sinister and then pass them off as authentic on paranormal websites. Victor’s effort, The Slender Man, became a hit with a detailed background story and witness accounts accompanying his photoshoppped images. Parsec Productions have took this popular yet mysterious character and created a dreaded opponent in their indie game. The oject of the game is to collect the notes without being gazed upon for a lenthy amount of time by the Slender Man lurking in the woods. If you spot him, switching off your torch does not make you invisible to his glare as I found out. In the pitch darkness, you will sense his presence as static will appear if he is in your proximity, with increased static and noise should he be inching ever closer. This is where the left Shift key, also known as the ‘run’ button, comes in handy. Do be aware though, you easily get out of breath so do try to conserve your energy for when you need to escape. If you don’t, he will end up driving you insane and killing you, thus ending the game.

So what happens when you collect all 8 notes? You’re asking the wrong writer. I’m afraid I’ll have to have a few more attempts before I can succeed at this intense, suspenseful free indie horror game for the PC.

Grab your copy here
Due to popularity, Parsec’s server is currently down. Mirrored downloads have appeared online so that everyone may enjoy and be scared senseless with Slender. Take a peek at the teaser below.

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