How To Host A SKYFALL Dinner Party

One of the hottest buzzwords of the season is certainly “Skyfall,” and it’s easy to see why. The latest James Bond film has been consistently thrilling fans of the series, and indeed fans of film in general. With many claiming that Skyfall is the best Bond film yet, it is fair to call the film something of a sensation. This of course begs the question – why not embrace the style and atmosphere of Skyfall at your next dinner party? Few things can sound like more fun than a James Bond themed party, after all. Here are a few tips and ideas on how to set up your Skyfall dinner party.

Drink Menu

Needless to say, any Bond drink menu begins with martinis, shaken, not stirred. However, if you have seen Skyfall and paid close attention, or even if you are aware of the massive advertising campaigns attached to the film, you may have noticed that Bond’s official new drink is Heineken. Bond is seen drinking this beer early in the film, and though he still drinks a shaken martini, we never actually hear him make the iconic drink order. So if you truly want to be accurate with Skyfall, buy some Heineken as well for your party. Additionally, you may want to stop by Marks and Spencer for a few bottles of wine, as there is a certain classiness to Bond that allows for wine.


When you try to outfit party guests for a James Bond dinner party, the concept is fairly simple – think adult prom. Tuxedoes and red carpet dresses tend to do the trick. However, once again, if you want to be accurate specifically with regard to Skyfall you may want to consider telling men to wear grey suits. Daniel Craig’s version of Bond tends to prefer grey to black, though he has worn black suits as well. Ultimately, just make sure everyone looks his or her very best!


Finally, you will want to do your best to establish a Skyfall atmosphere, and this can be the trickiest part. It is difficult to pinpoint a specific Bond film atmosphere, particularly in any way that can be useful in decorating a party. One fun idea for this might be to pay particularly close attention to the opening sequence of Skyfall, while the title song plays. This sequence has a number of symbolic representations of the rest of the film – for example, knives, gravestones, and stag heads are prominent in the sequence, and all feature importantly later in the film, at Bond’s home, “Skyfall.” Imitating Bond’s childhood home to the extent you can might be a perfect atmospheric concept.

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