Manhattan 1930: The Man In The White Suit
Issue Two – NEW YORKER
Written and illustrated by Craig Daley of CDComics

Continuing on from CDComics’ MANHATTAN 1930: The Man In The White Suit, masked Harlem private investigator, Song, also known as the titular Man in the White Suit, is accompanied by his assistant, Secret, to discover the murderer of their friend and fellow masked hero, Ace Pilot, and why the culprit is murdering masks for a certain mehcnical device, now in the possession of Song.

In the second issue, Song and Secret meet electrical engineer and physicist, Nikola Tesla, hoping he can shed some light on the mysterious device they have acquired. All Song and Secret know is that the device is worth a lot of money and is worth killing for. Could the culprit be the mysterious Beast that has everyone quaking in their boots, including the suspicious siren Scarlett Rose? With more masks turning up dead, time is running out. Song and Secret must discover the truth and unveil the secrets before they themselves meet a grisly end!

Craig Daley, illustrator and writer of all of the CDComics including Manhattan 1930, has a real knack for storytelling and the scenarios he creates within the comic are always engaging for the reader. From the Private Investigator’s desk to know-it-all Abercrombie’s taxi cab to the swanky Roosevelt Hotel, Daley takes the reader into his bustling world and allows them to experience it first hand. My only issue with the comic is that I got so captivated by it that I didn’t realise I’d come to the end scene!

MANHATTAN 1930: THE MAN IN THE WHITE SUIT is definately a comic series to invest in, with plenty of vibrant colours, whodunnit mysteries and masked detectives with super powers to keep you entertained and inquisitive. The introduction of Tesla and the Wickedest Man in the World, occultist Aleister Crowley, was well worth the wait and I eagerly look forward to seeing what twists, surprises and storylines unfold in the last issue involving them and the rest of the masks.

Manhattan is available to download in three parts, priced around $0.99/80pUK each and is available from the following websites

Drive Thru Comics
Barnes & Noble USA
Nook UK

The Manhattan 1930 Graphic Novel with all three parts is available from four Sheffield retailers, Rare & Racy, Galaxy 4, Blackwells and the Space Centre, priced £2.50.

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