Network Distributing is delighted to announce the release of the second volume of THE EALING STUDIOS RARITIES COLLECTION. Featuring 4 films from the vaults of Ealing Studios and Associated Talking Pictures, this double-disc set is available to own on 13 May 2013, RRP £14.99. This volume consists of films by Carol Reed, Edmond T Grenville, Charles Frend and Walter Forde. Unseen since their original cinema releases and presented as new transfers in their original aspect ratios, THE EALING STUDIOS RARITIES COLLECTION VOLUME 2 is an essential addition to anyone interested in classic British films as well as those eager to re-discover long-forgotten gems from one of the UK’s most iconic production houses.

Disc One
MIDSHIPMAN EASY (1935) Director: Carol Reed
Aboard an eighteenth-century sloop-of-war are a group of youthful midshipmen on their first venture. After weeks at sea a Spanish man-of-war is sighted, and a boat with a few midshipmen is launched to act as decoy for a British attack. In the confusion, however, the young men lose sight of their mother ship and soon find they have embarked upon a full-blooded adventure…
Starring Hughie Green, Margaret Lockwood, Roger Livesey, Robert Adams and Harry Tate
Written by Anthony Kimmins and Peggy Thompson | Based on the novel by Frederick Marryat
Original Music by Ernest Irving | Produced by Basil Dean

BRIEF ECSTASY (1938) Director: Edmond T. Grenville
Student Helen Norwood and aviator Jim Wyndham fall passionately in love, but are forced to part when Jim goes to care for his father in India. Back at the university, Helen comes to the attention of eminent scientist Professor Paul Bernhardy, eventually becoming his assistant – and his wife. But what Helen does not realise is that Jim had cabled a marriage proposal from India that never reached her; and a reunion with her former love plunges her into emotional turmoil…
Starring Paul Lukas, Hugh Williams, Linden Travers and Marie Ney
Written by Basil Mason | Original Music by Walter Goehr | Produced by Hugh Perceval

Disc Two
THE BIG BLOCKADE (1942) Director: Charles Frend
A star-studded docu-drama, developed from a Ministry of Information short, showing the effects of the blockade of Nazi Germany put into action by the Allies on the declaration of war. The blockade’s tightening grip is highlighted in a series of humorous sketches, but the film ends with British bombers hammering at the heart of German industry in their determination to bring about, in the words of the epilogue, ‘a day of freedom for all men’.
Starring John Mills, Michael Redgrave, Will Hay, Robert Morley, Leslie Banks, Bernard Miles, Alfred Drayton, Frank Cellier and Michael Rennie | Commentary by Frank Owen | Written by Charles Frend and Angus MacPhail |
Original Music by Richard Addinsell | Produced by Michael Balcon

THE FOUR JUST MEN (1939) Director: Walter Forde
Some men find it easy to reach the condemned cell, but not Terry. Much ingenious scheming has landed him there near Karl Potek, from whom he’d learnt of a plot to destroy the British Empire. Spirited out of prison by a ‘high official’, he is able to reveal two clues to the clandestine group of militant patriots known as the Four Just Men; two vital clues pointing the finger of suspicion at Sir Hamar Ryman, M.P., a staunch advocate of appeasement…
Starring Hugh Sinclair, Griffith Jones, Francis L. Sullivan, Frank Lawton, Anna Lee, Alan Napier, Basil Sydney, Lydia Sherwood and Edward Chapman
Written by Angus MacPhail | Sergei Nolbandov and Roland Pertwee | Based on the novel by Edgar Wallace
Original Music by Ernest Irving| Produced by Michael Balcon and S.C. Balcon

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