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Two teenagers prank their computer nerd of a younger brother Baxter to find the crazy, eyeball-bursting Movie 43, the rarest of internet videos to ever exist, that will result in your penis falling off if you watch it…but the video is worth seeing to believe it! Spurred on by their tales and the challenge, Baxter proceeds to hunt on the internet for the imaginary movie and uncovers some weird video clips on the way, with the ultimate Movie 43 potentially signalling the end as we know it!

MOVIE 43 is a series of crass short comedy skits featuring some of the top A-listers in the business. The first features Kate Winslet going on a date with the dazzling Hugh Jackman. What starts off as a great evening turns curious as Jackman’s character certainly has the balls for a blind date.

In another skit, Lieb Schreiber and Naomi Watts invite their new neighbours over for the evening and explain to them how home-schooling their son has had no ill-effect on him growing up, despite them tormenting him in every way a kid is tormented at high school – tauted about his penis size in the shower and that awkward first kiss. Whilst these are problems every kid has, its made infinitely worse by the fact his parents are the ones committing them!

There’s some really crazy and gross out stories, especially one featuring Beezel the animated cat, but some others are less in-your-face, particularly Middleschool Date, directed by Elizabeth Banks. Chloe Grace Moretz is on a date with a boy when she discovers she has started her period for the first time. Despite her best efforts to conceal the issue, her boyfriend and his older brothe, Christopher Mintz-Plasse spot her ‘leakage’ and freak out, running around the house for items to ‘plug her up’ with and dialing 911 telling the operator she’s bleeding to death. Some people on the net thought this was degrading to women, and as a woman, I can say this isn’t an issue. I found it quite funny, with the reactions of the teenagers quite fitting to the way some teenage boys may react when a young woman starts her menstrual cycle. There’s even a couple of ‘advert’ style spoofs where tampons and the latest in MP3 technology, the iBabe are marketed.

MOVIE 43 did make me laugh in parts and in others I thought it was vulgar and outrageous, but in all its madness, it does what it set out to achieve. It’s not a movie you’ll watch again, and some of it you may pray to God to clense your soul of it it, but its certainly something to discuss down the pub.

A bit of teenage tomfoolery.

Rating: ★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

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