NEW WORLD (2013)

NEW WORLD (2013) aka Sinsegye Directed by Hoon-jung Park A police chief sets his sights on manipulating the outcome of the next-in-line to a criminal empire but could his meddling put at risk the lives […]


WORM (2013)

WORM (2013) Directed by Doug Mallette Set in a not-too-distant future, nobody dreams anymore. However, a new type of ‘drug’ called Fantasites – a living worm that you place in your ear each night – […]


LEOPARD (2013)

Previously known as Cold UK release date TBC Ah family… you can’t live with them, you can’t dump them in the local swamp. Troubled childhoods and absent parents are pretty well trodden ground for a […]

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DON JON (2013)

DON JON (2013) Written and Directed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt Available on Amazon Prime Instant Video Jon is a family man and takes pride in the things he owns such as his apartment, clothes and car. […]



THE GREEN INFERNO (2013) Directed by Eli Roth A group of student activists travel to Peru in a bid to prevent the rainforest habitat of an Amazonian tribe from being bulldozed by a development company. […]



Dark night shots complete with car headlight beams in the mist are usually a sign that a horror story is on the cards. Particularly when they’re filmed in the local woods to save money. Most […]

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SEPTIC MAN (2013) Directed by Jesse Thomas Cook Jack, a sewage worker, is offered $200,000 and a cushy office job for life should he stay behind during an evacuation to fix a water contamination problem […]

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Backwater (2013)

BACKWATER Directed by Christopher Schrack As per planning holidays, if you wish to save money on your horror movie then set it in the woods. Here you’ll find a suitably creepy location, ready-made atmospheric lighting […]

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WER (2013)

WER (2013) Directed by William Brent Bell A wife, husband and their young son are camping in the French countryside when they’re attacked by a ferocious creature emerging from the woods. As her husband and […]