StudioCanal and Robin Hardy Announce Final Cut of THE WICKER MAN To Hit Blu-Ray on 14th October 2013


If you’ve been following StudioCanal’s recent efforts on Facebook to find the missing pieces of footage of The Wicker Man, that were rumoured to have been used as land fill under the M4, then you’ll have spotted yesterday’s video from the director himself, Robin Hardy.

In the video, Robin explains about the recent Wicker Man appeal to find the footage, and continues to add they have found an original print by U.S. distributor Abraxas that they can use to make the never-before-seen in UK cinemas, restored version of The Wicker Man on Blu-Ray.

At first look, it may seem that they’ve found the long lost footage, but if you listen to the way it’s been worded, it doesn’t appear that this is the case. Though the final cut will be a version not seen before in UK cinemas, it may not be one us owners of the directors cut haven’t seen before. Judging from comments on Facebook, including thoughts by Wicker Man expert Allan Brown and former U.S. distributor John Alan Simon, hint that maybe the ‘restored’ footage could be the grainy footage from the director’s cut that featured Willow inviting Ash Buchanan up to her room, along with the snails mating. Questions also include the quayside mainland scenes at the beginning of the film.

StudioCanal have responded by saying they will clarify the upcoming release in the next few days.

Home entertainment retailers have already made available the final cut The Wicker Man DVD and Blu-Ray up for pre-order, with Zavvi offering a rather stunningg looking double play DVD and Blu-ray steelbook. The Final Cut is due for release on 14th October 2013.

Whatever the footage the final cut of The Wicker Man will or will not contain, Robin Hardy has classed it as the ‘final cut’ and to have the greatest film of all time (in my opinion) available on glorious high-def blu-ray is something all us fans should rejoice about!

Check out the video of Robin Hardy from StudioCanal’s The Wicker Man Appeal below.

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