GHOST SHARK (2013) – On DVD from 28th October 2013

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Syfy TV Movie
Directed by Griff Furst

A shark’s spirit is out for revenge after a couple of rednecks kill it on a fishing trip after it eats their prize-winning catch. With the ghost shark’s ability to appear wherever water exists, a group of teenage friends must fight to survive and discover what secret history the local lighthouse keeper Finch (Richard Moll) knows in order to send it back whence it came.

We love our Asylum and SyFy movies here at HCF, so it’s no surprise that I quite enjoyed the cheesiness and mega inventive, hilarious death kills by a supernatural shark in this title, aptly named GHOST SHARK.

After the initial introduction, where the great white shark dies and is reborn as Ghost Shark and slaughters the fishing boat occupants, the phantom predator begins to hunt down joe public, but in particular a group of teenage friends, headed up by Ava (Mackenzie Rosman), who’s father captained the fishing boat that was first struck by the beastie.

Seemingly following the teenagers around, and appearing in the unlikliest of places, the ghost shark chomps its way through a vast number of victims in just a couple of days. With all the teens painfully aware of what is hunting them, they inform the sheriff’s department of the transparent shark, though both the sheriff and local mayor refuse to believe such a thing exists. Even after the shark strikes at a pool party, the adults are adament it must be something else, until they are shown proof in the form of a mobile video.

With the ghost shark appearing in other impossible places that are away from the sea, teenagers Ava, her sister Cicely (Sloane Coe), and friend Blaise (Dave Randolph-Mayhem Davis) come to the conclusion that the shark can manifest wherever there is water and the key to staying alive is staying dry – easier said than done. The concept of anywhere with water isn’t safe makes for some amazing death scenes involving a slip-n-slide, bikini babe car wash and a bath tub, just to name a few. Some are laugh out loud funny, and the film never takes itself too seriously, much like the other SyFy and Asylum shark movies.

There’s lots to enjoy here, with the acting is decent enough, even though the script is weak. Richard Moll hams it up as the alcoholic lighthouse keeper, an unsociable crackpot who knows more than he’s willing to divulge about how the shark returned to life. Mackenzie Rosman is the likable lead girl as Ava who looks out for her younger sister Cicely, played by Sloane Coe, after their father’s presumed death by the jaws of ghost shark. Blaise, played by Dave Randolph-Mayhem Davis, acts as the friend and potential love interest of Ava, though the romance is never developed. Jaren Mitchell stars as Cameron, who’s father also happens to be the town Mayor. When kids are killed at their pool party, Cameron’s father Mayor Stahl (Lucky Johnson) begins to suspect his own son of committing the killings or at least suspects he knows who did kill the teenagers, not for one minute expecting or believing that it could have genuinely been a ghost shark.

You either love these films or hate them, and if you find yourself enjoying the likes of Sharknado, Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus and the like, then you’ll be impressed with what new ideas they can come up with in the shark creature feature genre.

A chomping blast of a film!

Rating: ★★★½☆

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