Eureka Entertainment To Release WILD RIVER on Dual Format in UK on 23rd February 2015


Eureka! Entertainment have announced the release of WILD RIVER, one of the crowning achievements of Elia Kazan, director of A Streetcar Named Desire, On the Waterfront, and Splendor in the Grass. Starring legendary actor Montgomery Clift (Red River, A Place in the Sun) in one of his most gripping roles, Lee Remick (Anatomy of a Murder) and Jo Van Fleet (Cool Hand Luke, East of Eden), Wild River is an expansive portrait that combines erotically charged love story with social realism, in the classic Kazan manner. Wild River is released in a Dual Format (Blu-ray and DVD edition) as part of the Masters of Cinema Series on 23rd February 2015.

Regarded as one of the crowning achievements in the career of both director Elia Kazan (A Streetcar Named Desire, On the Waterfront) and actor Montgomery Clift, Wild River charted new territory for cinema at the dawn of the 1960s, combining psychology, eroticism, documentary realism, and exquisite pictorial beauty within the CinemaScope frame.

In the early 1930s, an administrator for the Tennessee Valley Authority (Clift) arrives in the small town of Garthville with the business of convincing an elderly landowner to sell her land to the government. Soon afterward, he’s thrown into conflicts emotional (falling in love with the landowner’s widowed granddaughter, played by Lee Remick, who is expected to marry another man) and societal (the employment of black labour on the authority’s river project).

With its mix of the personal and the political, Wild River, in the words of critic and scholar Adrian Martin, shows us that “there is only, in each case and circumstance, the particular problem, the isolated breakthrough, and the irretrievable loss.” The Masters of Cinema Series is proud to present Wild River in a special Dual Format edition that presents the film on Blu-ray for the first time in the UK.


• 1080p HD presentation of the film in its original aspect ratio
• 40-PAGE BOOKLET with a new essay by Adrian Martin, a score of rare archival imagery, and more!

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