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Directed by Raymond Mizzi

In Malta during the late 1300’s, a group of five soldiers led by Tristan de Leon are returning home from battle when they seek refuge for the night at Lord William’s fort. During their brief stay, Tristan catches the gaze of a mysterious woman as she wanders around the market. Bewitched by her presence, Tristan yearns to speak with her but soon questions his desire when his obsession puts all their lives in danger.

The directorial feature length debut from Raymond Mizzi, SEVENTH SWORD: AVENGING THE THRONE is a period fantasy battle film that oozes authenticity. From the wardrobe to the battle scenes and the spot-on set design, the medieval vibe is grander than I expect the budget would have allowed and deserves to be applauded. You can tell 100% effort has been put into this Maltese production and even though there a few weak spots, its a tremendous effort especially for a first time feature filmmaker.

The film follows Tristan and his men who’ve awoken on the battlefield in the North. Triumphant, they must make the long journey home and call upon an old friend to help them out before they eventually come across Lord William’s castle – a place that holds many secrets and hostilities, especially to those carrying a poppy.

Like all good period battle films, there’s plenty of swordfights, drinking and women in the movie, as well as armoured soldiers riding their noble steeds. The film is never short of action and even in its quieter moments, the likable bearded warriors keep you glued to the screen.

The performances in the movie are excellent, with each actor moulding their own look and personality to their role. Andrei Claude stars as leading character, Tristan. Though Tristan appears to have a calm and quiet demeanor, you can tell he’s the smartest and most skilled out of the group and the one who calls the shots. He’s loyal to his men as are they to him, and their bond as they travel the long journey home is unbreakable.

The narrative of SEVENTH SWORD: AVENGING THE THRONE is acceptable but could have benefitted from a beefier purpose and threat, whilst the ending of the movie seemed out of place and actually broke the illusion of the medieval setting somewhat. Some key points that are mentioned in the film, which are suggested to be important, are not explained either. Despite these weak points, SEVENTH SWORD: AVENGING THE THRONE is an enjoyable affair, with scenes and sets filled with so much detail you could get lost in them. My favourite in particular is the market scene with people buying fruit and vegetables and traders selling their wares.

If period battle films are your thing, then visually-entertaining action flick SEVENTH SWORD: AVENGING THE THRONE is worth a watch, especially as inspiration on how to make a film of this genre on a budget.

Rating: ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆

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