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The internet is awash with t-shirts, a staple garment in most people’s wardrobes, and as film fans, we often love to share our passion for cinema by sporting movie themed apparel, just like people wear t-shirts featuring their favourite band.

There’s lots of standard film logos and imagery out there that seem to be the go-to designs for film t-shirts but if you’re like me, you’ll want something that bit different.

Spanish company Tostadora feature thousands of designs created by artists inspired by every theme you could imagine, from funny to topical, and they have plenty of TV and Film t-shirt designs to choose from too.

tostadora-machete-tshirtI recently received the Tostadora Machete t-shirt in the mustard colour. The t-shirt is made from high quality, super soft, 100% jersey cotton with a blood-splattered design of Danny Trejo as the iconic character Machete, from Robert Rodriguez’s B-movie inspired action flick, printed on the chest. Sporting his trademark Machete waistcoat with throwing knives attached, slightly revealing his sombrero-wearing female tattoo on his chest, this t-shirt is everything I could have wanted being a super fan of Danny Trejo, the actor, and the film and character Machete. I’ve never seen a design like this and I doubt I will except for Tostadora and wherever else the artist who designed it might sell it, which makes it even more appealing. My friends commented on how cool it looks too as I entered the room the other day wearing it. “That t-shirt is awesome! I want that t-shirt!” someone cried. That’s exactly how I felt about it when I saw it.

Not only are the designs kind of rare, because they’re not available in your usual t-shirt shop or webstore, but you can also choose your preferred colour of t-shirt to have the design printed on as well as the type of fit, be it unisex or women’s.

I chose the unisex size Small in the brightly coloured, eye-catching mustard – a colour that, to me, really captures that Mexican vibe seen throughout Rodriguez’s movies.

Below are the measurements of unisex t-shirt, size Small.

Chest Width (armpit to armpit) 20″ (40″ circumference)
Length (neck to hem)


The t-shirt is a bit bigger than other small t-shirts but I’ve found it very comfortable to wear, both in the sun and in the shade, and even though it has a thicker quality to it – which is the style I prefer rather than paper thin garments – it’s still quite lightweight when you wear it.

Though the t-shirt fabric content label advises a 40 degree wash, you should wash the t-shirt on a 30 degree wash only due to the print. Also, turn the t-shirt inside out and whatever you do, don’t iron the print. A handy little flyer comes with the t-shirt advising of the do’s and don’t’s of washing and drying the t-shirt, so do take note. And if you want to keep it in tip top condition, don’t tumble dry either!

The t-shirt is printed using the direct-to-garment method which is how I buy most of my printed items nowadays. Direct-to-garment does what it says and prints to the fabric, so you won’t have to worry about the design cracking and peeling off your t-shirt which often happens with transfer and vinyl printed clothing.

Even though the company is Spanish, they have a UK website available in English with prices in pound sterling and offices in the UK in case you need to contact them for assistance. They even offer really good postage prices. Being in the EU, there’s no customs or duty charges between UK and Spain so when your t-shirts arrive, which can take around a week, they’ll be delivered by Royal Mail. If you live outside the EU, there may be charges but Tostadora are happy to deliver worldwide with American and Italian dedicated websites too.

There’s tons of designs on Tostadora’s website for films and entertainment, from horror icons to cult, fan favourites such as Star Wars as well as your favourite TV programmes like Breaking Bad, The Simpsons and Game of Thrones, just to name a few. There’s even gaming t-shirts too from Super Mario to Assassin’s Creed.

Although I had a soft spot for the Machete t-shirt design, there were others on the website that caught my eye. I’ll no doubt be getting my hands on the Fight Club, Freddy Krueger ‘Never Sleep Again’ and Bloodsport t-shirts in the near future.

Whatever film you’re into, try typing it into their website’s search box and see what designs the artist community have submitted. Be aware though, you may find yourself browsing for hours! 😉

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