QUESTION: Is Breaking Bad…..a prequel to Walking Dead?………ANSWER: It well could be! Hughesy Explains……

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So have every you ever realised that Breaking Bad is in fact set before the events of The Walking Dead?.  No?  Well hang on in there and let me explain.

It all starts with the second episode of the Walking Dead season 2 and this is the image to prove it….


There you go.  As you can see this is the bag of drugs that Daryl carries on him.  As you can see from the bottom of the bag, there is the infamous “Blue Meth”….that good old Walter and Jesse cooks up in their infamous camper van.   Is that it?  I hear you cry!  Well no….there is more evidence….

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Remember this car that Walter buys for his son?  Skylar is not happy with the choice of car and tells Walter to return it straight away….and make sure he asks for “Glenn.   Now I know Glen could be anyone, but how come then, the Glen we know is seen driving this car in Walking Dead….

Look familiar?

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Finally, further evidence comes in season four of the Zombie drama, when Daryl is referring to a guy he once knew….the dialogue is this…..

“Merie had this dealer, a janky little white guy.  Tweaker.  One day we were over at his house, watching TV.  Watching this show, Merie was talking all this dumb stuff about it.  Turns out it was the Tweaker’s kid’s favourite show.  He never seen his kid so felt guilty about it or something,  he pulls a gun, sticks it right here….he says “I am gonna kill you bitch!”…

Now, who do we know says the word “bitch” alot!….

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So maybe we get to the end of Walking Dead and find out that the cause of the end of the world was in fact the cooking of Walter White and the side effects to that blue meth………..




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  1. Minus the “blue meth caused the zombies” idea this theory makes a lot of sense to me. It could be that they just live in the same universe and after the events in Breaking Bad there is a zombie outbreak.

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