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Directed by Shawn Ewert

A group of 20-somethings are driving across the southern states of North America for a weekend of booze and bonding, when they come to the remote town of Middle Spring, Texas. Tired and hungry, the friends decide to stay over for the night at the local B&B. With Middle Spring at the height of its BBQ season, the townfolk are keen to welcome the group but what the friends don’t realise is that they’re at the top of the menu.

Blood and the Bible go hand-in-hand in Shawn Ewert’s cannibal horror SACRAMENT. The film wastes no time in introducing the viewer to the town of cannibals and with its many similarities to The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, including a performance from the late Marilyn Burns, there’s plenty for horror fans to get excited about. What is different about this movie which sets it apart from most other modern horrors is that two of the main characters are a gay gouple, which, considering the certain strict beliefs of the location they find themselves in, will only spell trouble and their relationship will surely be tested.

The seven main characters of the movie are established rather well throughout the film and each are likable in their own way which certainly helps the viewer to empathise and fear for them later on in the movie when they’re faced with the hungry townsfolk of Middle Spring. Lee (Troy Ford) and Blake (Avery Pfeiffer) are the loved up couple who are dedicated to one another despite the pressure from their narrow-minded families. Prankster Buddy (Hugo Matz) sees himself as a playboy and loves to try his luck with the single girls of the group when they’re a little off their head on weed or booze. Blonde haired Jennifer (Brittany Badali) is the pessimist of the group in contrast to the cheery Lorri (Amanda Rebholz), who seems to be the target of Buddy’s desperate affection, whilst Gothic punk Shell (Cassandra Hierholzer) and smooth-talking Jeff (Wesley Kimenyi) just want to go skinny dipping in the nearby lake. They’re your average bunch of youngsters and all seem to get on tremendously well but despite their friendship, its every man and woman for themselves when the local community’s belly starts to rumble.

One of the things I adore about SACRAMENT is that it’s not shy about spilling the red stuff and we get to see plenty of it with flesh being sliced and organs and entrails being ripped out of bodies, ready to be eagerly consumed either raw or on the barbeque. In a time where many horror movies refuse to show the gore by cutting away from the grisly scenes, or by replacing the carnage with cringeworthy CGI, director Shawn Ewert and his team have resorted to good old-fashioned practical FX and, for the most part, we see everything and it’s offally good! 😉

I really enjoyed SACRAMENT. It has its own unique identity that sets itself apart yet has the nostalgic vibe of the old horrors that works to its advantage. The film is paced incredibly well and the plot keeps viewers on their toes as they try to figure out who is and who isn’t part of the cannibal community and whether the seven friends will make it out of Middle Spring alive.

With cannibal movies few and far between nowadays, it’s great to add SACRAMENT to the collection and for horror fans, it’s definitely worth a look.

Rating: ★★★★★★½☆☆☆

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