‘Tormentum’ Creators OhNoo Studio Launch Kickstarter For Animated Point and Click Fairytale Adventure Game TSIOQUE


Darkness, humour and animation. Tsioque, a new adventure game, has just been launched on Kickstarter.

Creators of critically acclaimed Tormentum, Polish OhNoo Studio, joined forces with award-winning animation filmmaker Alek Wasilewski (Lucky Day Forever) to create a whimsical, frame-by-frame animated point click adventure game in a dark but humorous fairytale setting.

Tsioque is a playfully dark 2d point and click adventure game inspired by such classics as Day of the Tentacle, Dragon’s Lair or Ron Gilbert’s Pajama Sam series. The game is being created with the use of meticulous frame-by-frame animation, where each second of gameplay requires multiple frames to be drawn by hand from scratch. By combining the hand-drawn 2d animation and a music system designed to dynamically follow the player’s actions, the developers hope to create a unique experience [merging boundaries] between adventure game and animated film.

The protagonist is a little warrior princess named Tsioque, imprisoned in a castle ruled by the Evil Wizard. She’s not the kind of princess who waits for Prince Charming to rescue her – she’s brave and stubborn, and has an unusual talent for bringing unintended chaos and destruction wherever she goes.

During her escape, Tsiqoue will explore a castle with a mysterious past, which – bound by a powerful spell – has not only become home to demons and magical creatures, but also, itself, has been affected by the evil power… It bends and shapeshifts, forming layers upon layers of transformation and illusion. It is an essential part of the plot and – especially later in the game – is tightly integrated into the gameplay.

“And if you think it’s just about a girl in a castle – well, you’re in for a surprise.” – says Alek Wasilewski, adding that we may expect many surprising twists and turns in the game.

The developers hope to raise $35,000. Most of this money will go to creating more frame-by-frame animation, which is the most labor-consuming part of the project. During the next 44 days, the campaign can be followed and supported on its official Kickstarter page. Many interesting rewards wait for those who decide to support the project. The title will be available for PCs and is to premiere next year.

The game is co-produced by OhNoo Studio and Smile, a new creative initiative of Alek Wasilewski. OhNoo Studio is a small, 3-men studio from Poland that specialises in creating 2D adventure games. After the première of their previous game, Tormentum – Dark Sorrow, which was very well received by critics and players alike, they started a fruitful collaboration with Alek Wasilewski. As the mastermind behind the new project, Alek has organized additional support from independent illustrators, musicians and animators. Alek Wasilewski is an animation screenwriter, director and producer. His animations won numerous awards on international festivals (Seattle Film Festival, ÉCU European Independent Film Festival, Bradford Animation Festival…) and toured half the world shown on festivals, events, TV shows, seminars, galleries and concerts in places all around the globe.

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