Devil’s Third (Review) – Out Now on Wii U

Devils Third

Developed by Valhalla Game Studios – Published by Nintendo – Available now on Wii U

Given Nintendo’s output in recent years, it’s quite the surprise that they decided to publish this particular game. And given the quality of games that Nintendo publish, it comes as even more of a surprise. However, until recently, it seemed like there was a fair amount of hype surrounding the title, and some intrigue when it was announced that it was an exclusive to the Wii U. Having been in development for some years, Devil’s Third already had a lot of expectation on its shoulders, not to mention the fact that it comes from the talent behind the popular Ninja Gaiden series, and with this being the first ‘mature’ title to hit the Wii U for some time, hopes were high. What we get however, seems to be a game that should have been released back when it first started development.


The story is quite unique compared to a lot of similar titles in the genre, with a terrorist group destroying the satellites that are orbiting the earth, creating an EMP effect which knocks out all electricals worldwide. The rest however, uses every cliche in the book. Taking on the role of convict/government muscleman Ivan, a tattooed meat head with an aversion to shirts, you are enlisted by the government to take on the terrorists, all of whom have previous association with Ivan. Dragging himself away from his cushy prison cell, which is filled with musical instruments (we first meet him banging out a drum solo), he must join up with the military to take out the bad guys in an action packed, globe-trotting adventure.

The gameplay is very inconsistent, the first couple of missions are extremely enjoyable, switching from melee combat to shooting in a smooth fashion, and dismembering enemies left and right, in a frantic firefight not too dissimilar of the underrated Vanquish. The cover mechanic is rather intuitive, and makes for intensely fun gun fights. After several missions however, that excitement diminishes as the gameplay becomes a bit one-trick pony, particularly when the game decides that you aren’t having enough thrown at you and decides to cheaply get every kind of enemy to come at you at once, and speaking of cheap, some of the boss fights are so ridiculously spamtastic, it makes you wonder if the developers have confused strategy with difficulty. There is a learning curve to some of the sections which is quite satisfying when you overcome them, but some of the areas are just so overwhelming cheap it gets beyond frustrating. The weapons are fun to use however, and although the novelty wears off after a while, the gruesome battering you give the enemies with a melee weapon is a delight.


There are sections that mix things up a bit, including a vehicular assault right out of Halo’s book, and a slow steady section where you have to clear the way of explosives. These sections do break up the monotony somewhat, so do come as a nice change of pace. Visually, you’d be forgiven for thinking this came out on the 360 in 2008. It’s no dogs dinner, but the textures and structures throughout are quite bland and basic. It may be on the Wii U but it’s by no means pushing its capabilities. The frame rate enthusiasts will have a field day with this, too. On occasions, if there’s too much going on, it gets very choppy, and once again, you’d think you were playing Dark Sector or Prey.

The single player campaign does have it’s strengths, and at times is very enjoyable, but too many times it gets hampered by the consistency of the enemy. You are supposed to switch up your combat style from time to time, but when the enemies come at you thick and fast, particularly the behemoth’s toting gatling guns and chainsaws, it does get frustrating. For every peak, there’s a trough, and every time you start to forgive it for one annoyance, another pops up.


Devil’s Third also boasts an expansive multiplayer mode, with several different game types to choose from. At the time of writing, it was only really possible to get a decent game in the death match modes (be it standard, team or melee modes). Other modes such as Cargo Capture and Chickens (catch chickens and shoot other players to take theirs, it’s great fun) were barren. The multiplayer uses skins from characters in the game, as well as several weapons, which are unlocked as you level up and earn money. There’s several modes to unlock and it seems like the multiplayer has been quite well thought out. The maps all seem pretty decent, with the players able to make the most out of the environments, which seem to cater for all the classes and player types. It’s a very decent alternative to Splatoon, thinking about it. If there’s one thing that’s not in abundance on the Wii U, it’s multiplayer shooters, and this could serve as a decent, bloody alternative the more family friendly nature of Splatoon.

It’s still a surprise that Nintendo decided to publish the game, and in a way I’m reminded of a scene in It’s A Trap! (the Family Guy parody of Return of the Jedi). Annoyed with how cute and light hearted things have been so far, Han makes one of the imperial soldiers dig his own grave, just to add a bit more darkness to proceedings. Perhaps after all the sickly sweet sugar of Captain Toad, Kirby and Yoshi’s Wooly World, Nintendo felt fans were due something bitter? While Devil’s Third’s campaign disappoints with its dated visuals, story and characters, and the gameplay is somewhat inconsistent, it is significantly improved by its online mode, and turns what would have been a mediocre title into a good one. Come for the fun but flawed single player, stay for the surprisingly good multiplayer (if more people start playing, that is).

Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

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  1. i think its very messed up that this game has no voice chat.nintendo is so stubborn to the point of losing millions of customers.they continually ignore what the paying customers want and thats why they have sold little more than 10 million units in 3 years.this game ain’t utilizing the wii u,s power at all and itagaki lied about maxing out the bandwidth at 16 players,what a joke.nintendo has them under a nondisclosure agreement regarding voice chat in devil’s third.nintendo don’t give a shite about there hardcore loyal customers.this game gamers had to waite over 6 years for the game.this game has a full on map editor and clan intergration,this was suppose to be the one online game for hardcore shooter fans on wii u and nintendo blocked voice chat.not only that they dropped the trailer from future releases section on the usa eshop and tryed to not even publish it in america then they delay the game and put it 4 days apart from xenoblade chronicles x pretty much sending it out to die.nintendo are real azzholes ,they don’t care about there fans at all.they secure no 3rd party support even indy support is better on the other consoles.the very least they could do was give the mature audience 1 full online experience/clans with voice wouln’t cost them crap,they obviously don’t care about the will and desires of the community and thats why they fail and are allways in last place.idiots. 😈

  2. not to mention that they refused to even show it at last years e3.all they showed was 3ds 3ds the whole damn show.nintendo sucks hard,they are so out of touch with fans and modern’s pathetic and its a shame nintendo refuses to get there act together.

  3. i have email proof from valhalla game studios that they submitted a request to nintendo to add voice chat and they said that regarding voice chat that it is up to nintendo weather they decide to add it in a firmware update.nintendo blocked voice chat in devil’s third,it was never a bandwidth limitation.Itagaki san lied and i have proof.i was right all along.nintendo had valhalla under a nda regarding voice chat in devil’s third and had them lie to avoid backlash of the angery hardcore audience that nintendo claims to care so much about.nintendo secure us no 3rd party support , indy support is better on every other console and they refuse to give us simple features like voice chat in a game we waited almost 7 years for and has full fledged clan integration with a ranking system and map editor.nintendo you guys are some real aholes.why not add a intvite system and cross game chat and unified profile system? you guys don’t advertise properly and screw over your most loyal fanbase.nintendo in this day and age discusts me,its no wonder they have only sold 10 million units in over 3 years time.its because instead of making products that customers want they ignore the will of the community and release somthing with none of the modern online features that we want and then try to tell us what we should like then wonder why no one bot there refuse to make the console features we want in our games like online voice chat and invite system,we don’t buy your console period.its as simple as that.parents/adults don’t like being treated like stupid parents when nintendo decides to be the communist dictators of the video game world and give adult paying customers a lesser restricted online experience and charge us 60$ and at the same time treating us adults like we can’t even parent our own kids and block adults and kids options all together because they are to lazy and cheap to invest in firmware updating the parental controls or adding cross game chat.they would rather lie to us and save there money and make no effort at all.its pathetic that us gamers support nintendo by buying there system and games and they can’t even be bothered to support us back with somthing as simple as voice chat in a game that truly needs it.hell the gamepad has a biult in mic that i payed for in the price of my wii u machine and nintendo refuses to even use it at all,seems like they found a way of charging us for tech they had no intent on ever even using.nintendo you better change and now and it better start with voice chat in devil’s third because you guys are destroying what little customer confidence you still have guys have abandoned your true audience,the hardcore audience.its time to come back to the real gamers nintendo.

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