SCREAM TV Episode 7: In The Trenches: A killer of an episode as Ghostface causes havoc!





Episode 7:  In The Trenches

OK! I admit there was no episode 6 review but there is a solid reason for that!

Betrayed” carried on for the majority of the time in the form of the two episodes before it, in that there was a serious lack of action and I really did not want to write the same old reasons of why I was not liking the show!  I mean if there is no killings and no Ghostface then what is the point of a Scream TV Show?

No matter how hard they try, this has not got the hook of Pretty Little Liars because the overall mystery at the beginning of that cult hit, was “who killed Alison?” and who was “A”.  The premise did not rely on the slash formula and its a credit to those writers that somehow they have managed to spin the premise into six seasons and counting!

It also helped that we cared for the four girls involved which Scream TV falters from. While Pretty Little Liars had time to create the characters, Scream TV has thrown these people at the audience and with only a 10 episode run, we have no time to really bond with them and care if they live or die!

Betrayed” highlighted what was good and bad of the premise!  For starters the episode was awful once more with the boring kidnapping plot and the stupid dream of Emma in which she took off the mask of Ghostface to reveal herself.

But when the proper Ghostface finally appeared with a great shot of him/her/them, watching from the distance, the horror juices flowed and when he emerged from behind Will and struck the blow from his knife, I was delirious with the fact that we were once more in Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson territory!

In The Trenches” carried on from that moment, with Piper waking up from being knocked out (I get to that in a bit) and finding Will was gone and a message on a wall to get Emma!  It seems that our Ghostface wants to play a game of hide and seek!

As soon as Jake, Piper, Noah, Brooke and Emma embarked onto the empty abandoned bowling alley to play the game, this was more like the Scream we all love!  A bowling ball somehow moving on its own, noises in the background,  Jake acting like he could be the killer and then finally Ghostface appearing just as Noah was opening the door,  I mean I loved it….really loved it!

This was the first episode since the show began that Ghostface was in his element and on screen more.  His taunting calls to Emma, the spooky theme song “Daisy” playing which led Emma to a further clue about her dad!  It also had its post modern take on things spot on as everything us the viewer was thinking, Noah was saying it as well, the one thing I have to admit and say is that the writers are trying their best to throw as much red herrings on screen as possible!

So what of my theories this week?  Well we can rule Will out!  Despite him being found alive and taken home from the bowling alley, the twist ending saw Emma arrive at his place for some snacks and a bit of “Expendables” only to find Will strapped to a chair and then getting slaughtered in a very Saw like set piece, even though the writers could argue that this was more of an homage to Steve biting the bullet in the original Scream movie!

The overall mystery we did not learn much, we still have that stupid “did my Dad murder my mother?” plot which I guess is just a pointless add on and will have no impact on the proceedings!  Also Maggie and Sheriff Hudson had dinner, but then I guess that was only added to make us feel that Kieran may be behind the mask, as Emma was supposed to join the dinner party and when he left the two to get it on and was off screen, Ghostface turned up!

I doubt it is Kieran though and my suspicions of Audrey who many fans are beginning to suspect is dwindling as well. This episode Audrey did not have much to do and she is always never around when the phone calls start or when the murders take place, but at the moment I am narrowing it down to Piper and Jake!

I feel that those two may have tried to fool everyone this week with first, Jake dressed as Ghostface and grabbing Will while leaving Piper knocked out and when she came round, she got the gang to search the alley then disappeared. My theory at the moment is that she then dressed up as Ghostface herself, tormented the gang, stabbed Jake and left him to die (only to MISS EVERY SINGLE ARTERY)…..something even Noah commented on….

Its still looking at the moment as if Piper could be the daughter of Brandon James and Jake is just the psycho who likes to kill for fame or something!

With three episodes left, I could be way wrong of course and Piper and Jake could meet their death next week.  The only thing I know for certain is when Scream TV does an episode like this, its well worth the watch, just a pity that at times we have to sit through some dire rubbish to get there!




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