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When two grandchildren go to visit their grandparents on a remote farm they think they are going to have a fun couple of days together. Things quickly turn mysterious when the grandparents begin to act strangely after 9.30pm at night. To celebrate the release of The Visit, which hits UK cinemas on September 9th, we take a look at some of film’s creepiest elders…

The Others (2001)
During the Second World War, a mother (Nicole Kidman) moves her children to the coast to keep them safe. Servants arrive to wait on the family, an elderly couple and a young mute girl. It’s not long until the children begin to feel the presence of ghosts, and quickly realise that the servants are linked to the on-goings. Dismissed from the house, the mother and children begin to live a life alone … or so they think. When Kidman discovers that the servants had actually died fifty years ago, events begin to unfold that lead them to discover an alarming truth about themselves.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One (2010)
Bathilda Bagshot was reincarnated from the dead by Lord Voldermort in the form of his snake Nagini. Harry’s encounter with the old women is haunting and memorable, as she initially appears withered and frail. Although taking normal human form, she later becomes into the snake, slowly stretching out of her skin, growing large fangs and transforming into the large vicious creature. Terrifying in appearance before her transformation, Bathilda Bagshot becomes the ultimate creepy elder.


The Shining (1980)
Jack Nicholson’s character, Jack Torrance is suffering from writer’s block, so turns to caretaking to stimulate himself. However, the isolated hotel where he works eventually drives him to a homicidal manic, hell-bent journey to terrorize his own family. Although Nicholson is terrifying in his performance, the old women that appear in one of the hotel rooms are additionally creepy. Found in the bathtub, originally looking like a beautiful young women, she turns into an old hag after sharing a kiss with Nicholson. Terrifying and very creepy, the women appears flesh eaten and scarred.


insidious.jpg w=300
Insidious (2010)
When a young boy falls into a supposed coma, his family are exposed to the haunting reality of what has happened to him. Possessed by an old women who holds a candle, is covered in a veil and has darkened eyes, the family try and find ways to remove their son from her clutches. Challenged by the supernatural events that are occurring in their house, the family have to save their son and themselves from the scary woman and her powers.


Robin Hood: The Prince of Thieves (1991)
Mortianna is a mysterious witch who lives in a dungeon chamber in Nottingham Castle. Her appearance is creepy enough, besides the things she does. With wild white wispy hair, large eyes that are popping out of her head, Mortianna is far from appearing pleasant. She mixes together her blood and spit to give her insight into puzzling situations. Her lair is filled with different sized skulls, and gives the immediate impression of her creepiness.


Drag Me To Hell (2009)
Christine Brown (Alison Lohman) has a great life in Los Angeles with her boyfriend. Working at a bank, Christine is desperate to impress her boss. An old woman visits, asking for an extension on her loan, however, she is denied by Christine. In retaliation, the woman places a curse on Christine, threatening her soul with eternal damnation. The old women taunts her at every opportunity she has, and is covered in scars and blisters with crocked teeth. She looks absolutely terrifying, and does everything in her power to live up to her creepy demeanour.


The Poltergeist (1982)
Henry Kale is the main antagonist of The Poltergeist, but is more commonly known under the name ‘The Beast’. As the leader of a Satanic cult he once encouraged his follows to die with him in a cave, that later became where the family home of the Freeling family was built. Ghosts communicate with the family through the television screen, and initially appear friendly but soon turn menacing. The family have to turn to an exorcist to hell them overcome the terrifying problem, and the presence of ‘The Beast’.

The Visit is in UK cinemas on September 9th.

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