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Directed by Kevin A. McCarthy and Edward Payson

A rogue vigilante cop hellbent on revenge against those who killed his daughter and kidnapped and tortured his ex-wife finds himself dealing with criminals involved with drug distribution, organ harvesting and human trafficking, criminals who just may lead him to Damien Logan, one of those responsible for the harm of his wife.

FURY: THE TALES OF RONAN PIERCE is an action-packed, blood-thirsty thriller that sees no-nonsense rogue cop Ronan Pierce take no prisoners as he seeks for the truth and absolute justice. Driving around in a white muscle car and speaking with a gravelly voice reminiscent of Jackie Earle Haley’s Rorschach in Watchmen, Ronan is one utter badass who’s taking the law into his own hands and actively taking the scumbags off the street. Ronan has his work cut out as it seems the chain to Damien Logan is a long one though it’s not too hard to find the first rung on the ladder after he beats a couple of yobs to a bloody pulp… well, one with a hairdyer in a bathtub.

The film is shot like a graphic novel, not too dissimilar to Robert Rodriguez’s Sin City. The bleached sky, the animated driving sequences, the sped-up action, the use of colour which appears to seep into each other and the over-the-top bloody violence is plenty enough to get your blood pumping. It’s lethal and hungry for punishment, taking the viewer along for the ride and boy oh boy is it one hell of a trip. The gritty story will swallow you up, even if the characters are a little on the shallow side, as you root for Ronan to take out the stinking trash and stomp on it until it’s no more.

The villains of FURY: THE TALES OF RONAN PIERCE include the hilarious Lazarus, the straight-talking bar owner Eddie White (played by genre icon Kane Hodder), the psychotic Mad Doctor who harvests organs from petty criminals, and the mysterious masked torturer who appears on the DVDs sent to Ronan. There’s plenty other villains besides and each has a perverted, warped idea on what is right in the world and usually it involves women or children being hurt, tortured, raped or sold. The film presents these criminals as the filth they are and when the bloody hand of justice arrives, you’ll relish every inch of blood that splatters the screen.

I never liked Sin City but FURY: THE TALES OF RONAN PIERCE certainly appeals to me. If a bit more time was put into the characters and plot to develop them it would make the film flow much better and provide a certain clarity and comprehensive narrative which the film is lacking. The filmmakers have already captured a raw, visceral essence that works rather well, both standalone and as a tribute to the twisted graphic novels, but the meat of the story has just been out of their reach. Regardless of this, I think genre fans will find much to enjoy about this movie. It’s got heart, dry humour and bloodlust that only a brutal vigilante can serve up.

Rating: ★★★★★★½☆☆☆

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  1. I agree, more character development and it would really be improved with some better pacing. But, I can not see where you would prefere this to SIN CITY. Fury really is more of a grind house sexploitation flick that is somewhat in the style of 300 and SIN City. But really, too much screaming and over reliance on crude language. To the point, Ronin’s rage is all on the surface. This could be a good movie, but it needs more than pacing and character development.

    • I prefered the vibe of Fury and felt that even though they weren’t that developed, the characters seemed to bring out more emotion than those of Sin City. I felt nothing watching Sin City, whereas I actually felt something with Fury.

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