Grimmfest 2015 Day Two


The second day of Grimmfest 2015 was actually the first full day of films with German Angst kicking off the proceedings at 12pm dinnertime. Split into three segments, each directed by a different director, the film took on a brutal, warped and twisted edge with some sharp visuals that really shook me up. German films tend to have that effect on me and it was interesting to note that one of the directors of the movie was none other than Jörg Buttgereit who directed Nekromantik.

After experiencing German Angst, I had the great fortune to interview one of its stars, Denis Lyon, who starred in the segment Make a Wish about a magic medallion that could cause people to switch bodies. Such a thing comes in handy when you’re being attacked by a group of thugs! Denis talked about the film and also his other work including The Voices, voice-over work on videogames and his love of performing stand-up comedy. Make sure to read the full interview on the site soon!

In memory of the late Wes Craven, Grimmfest screened Scream on the big screen and it was still enjoyable as ever with the audience laughing at Dewey’s corny chat-up lines to Gale Weathers. I can’t believe it’s almost 20 years old!

Following Scream, it was time for Landmine Goes Click. Having already seen and reviewed the movie , I took the opportunity to feed my rumbling tum and explore the location around Printworks, finding a great spot on Urbis to chill out and enjoy the sunshine.

After grabbing some food, I did a bit of retro gaming in the festival hub where Bitlord had set-up a few gaming stations which will be available throughout the festival. I then decided to split my time watching fellow Grimmlings playing Silent Hill 2, Until Dawn and Silent Hills playable teaser PT, the latter of which had everyone enthralled but baffled at the same time as the player wandered through a house.

Feeling rather full and having my gaming fix, I headed back to the screening for He Never Died starring Henry Rollins. I’d been looking forward to watching this for a while and I wasn’t disappointed. Rollins plays the role of Jack perfectly and his deadpan delivery had the audience laughing out loud. A thrilling and entertaining flick well worth checking out.

For the final film of my night, but certainly not the end of Grimmfest 2015 day two for most folk, was Cherry Tree. Taking on a modern Rosemary’s Baby vibe with the inclusion of centipedes, Cherry Tree had some interesting ideas but then fell into familiar territory towards the end and seemed to rush the latter half of the film after having slowly built it up initially. Take away a couple of its violent and bloody scenes and this film would be more suitable for teen audiences around the age of 15 who are looking for lighter scares than the more hardcore horror hounds.

For those who stuck around until past 1am, there was Turbo Kid and The Hive to also check out but sadly for me, it was time to hit the road.

All in all a strong second day for Grimmfest 2015 and the third holds some exciting flicks including The Nightmare, Howl and Synchronicity!

Single screening tickets are still available to purchase at the Odeon Printworks box office. You can find out more at

Check back tomorrow for the third festival daily update.

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