The Scariest Movie Moments you can Feature on Canvas Prints

There’s a reason why we all love a good horror film. Very few genres can make us go through such a huge range of emotions, from feeling terrified, to being shocked and sometimes even grossed out! This is why horror will always hold such a special place in our hearts, and it’s why our favourite films should be remembered for years to come. As a way of paying homage to your favourite horror films of all time, you can’t do much better than having the scariest moment printed on a large canvas. Below we talk you through some of the best horror movie moments you can feature on canvas prints.


The Ring

Even if you’ve never seen The Ring in your life, you’ll know about the scene we’re going to be talking about. The image of Samara walking slowly towards the camera before somehow pulling herself through the TV set is one of the most horrifying movie moments of all time, and you can be sure it kept viewers awake at night just thinking about it. This scene turned The Ring into a must-see horror title that was talked about for years, and you’ll be hard pressed to come across a movie moment as disturbing!



The Blair Witch Project

The Blair Witch Project was innovative at the time for the way the entire movie was shot from the perspective of a handheld video camera, and it really added an extra layer of fright to everything. Heather and friends journey through the woods as they seek to discover whether the place is haunted, but things soon turn ugly and they end up lost, hungry and scared, and for good reason! They come across human stick figures in the trees, and they hear all sorts of strange noises at night. Eventually the film culminates in the gang coming across an abandoned house, and what happens after is the perfect way to end an hour and a half of tension and suspense.




One of the most shocking and memorable movie scenes of all time, everyone remembers watching Alien and seeing the xenomorph burst out from inside the chest of one of the space crew members. It is truly terrifying, mostly for the fact that everyone was horrified at the idea of an alien growing inside a human body! It also meant that one of the major stars of the film was killed off relatively early on, shocking the audience into life and forcing them to pay attention. There have been many iconic horror movie moments over the years but this is still one of the greatest ever. A canvas print of the unforgettable alien birth would certainly lead to some interesting conversation!

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