The Unknown Number – Available now on iOS and Android


It’s a very tricky puzzle game depending on how good your maths skills are. There are several levels each with a number related problem to solve, and you solve the puzzles by matching different numbered tiles to make a multiple of one of the numbers at the top of the screen. Some of the challenges can be completed through logic as in some of the puzzles, all you need to do is select the same coloured tiles. Other challenges can be quite difficult depending on how sharp you are in the mathematical department. After each level you’re given a score out of 100. If you reach the full 100 points, you get three stars, if you get less you get two stars and so on, so a bit similar to the scoring system in Angry Birds in that respect.


If you don’t get 100% you still progress, but then you see the game looking at you, with its inconsistent score pattern, and you get the compulsion to go back and score that 100%! It’s quite addictive and although you may find yourself getting stuck once in a while, it’s just as easy to go back. As long as you solve enough of the puzzle to progress to the next level, you can always return when it ‘clicks’. It’s tough in places, but can be overcome by picking up on patterns, not just using your number skills, but unless you’re a fan of maths and/or brain teasers, there isn’t going to be a lot to keep you entertained.

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