Word-Guessing Party App Game WURDY Set For Release on iOS on 5th December



Marvelous Games, a division of Japanese publisher MarvelousAQL, best known for the highly-acclaimed title No More Heroes and Harvest Moon, today unveiled Wurdy, a brand new party app designed to bring the entire room together – at home or on the go.

Wurdy, developed by UK studio SockMonkey, is a fun, social word-guessing game that couldn’t be easier for the whole family to play. Simple in concept but frantically fun in the execution, players just need to grab a bunch of friends and pick from a wide selection of categories for each 60 second round. Then, without any motions or cheating gestures, they must accurately describe words to their friends as quickly as possible before the time runs out.

Available on the App Store from December 5th, Wurdy will launch with an expansive selection of word packs, covering a wide range of topical categories, including the latest in football news and celebrities, as well as TV/film, general knowledge, and even a kids’ section. Regular pack updates will also be updated after Wurdy’s initial launch, which will keep each game feeling fun, fresh and as timeless as the last.

Social sharing is at the heart of Wurdy. Unlike any existing party game currently available on the App Store, Wurdy captures those comical moments with friends by uniquely recording video gameplay from the perspective of the quiz master. The frantic and funny expressions people make when describing clues to their friends can then be seamlessly shared with friends and competitors across Facebook and YouTube.

“Our goal for Wurdy was simple – we wanted to create a fun, easily accessible game that would bring people together in the real world,” says Bob Makin, CEO at SockMonkey Studios. “It could be with a bunch of mates at the pub or several generations at a family gathering – Wurdy will be an instant social activity.”

“We fell in love with Wurdy from our very first play,” added Harry Holmwood, CEO, MarvelousAQL Europe.  “People of all ages have always loved playing together – whether it’s cards or classic board games. Wurdy takes that tradition and combines it with the easy accessibility and convenience of a mobile phone – making any occasion perfect for a fun, social game.”

Wurdy will initially launch on iOS platforms for £1.49 on December 5th, with the Android version coming soon at a later date.

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