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Written and Directed by James Nguyen

A newly dating couple find themselves and their neighbourhood under attack by birds of prey. Unable to stop their frenzied attacks, they must do whatever it takes to survive but with a society in a state of panic, the birds aren’t the only things they must protect themselves against.

Oh God, where to start. I’m struggling to work out whether Birdemic: Shock and Terror is a piss take or if it is for real. If it’s the latter than it is a fine example of how not to make a movie. Just 10 minutes into the film, I found I was losing the will to live and I still had 80 minutes or so left to endure. So what’s wrong with the film? Well, it would be easier saying what’s right with it and that’s very little! The annoying music repeated over and over during the excruciatingly long opening credits, the camera shots that go on and on forever well past their mark, serious sound issues from completely mute sound for a couple of seconds to scenes being shot at different times complete with background noise that drowns out the actor’s dialogue. I could go on. The script is weak, the performances stiff and awkward and don’t get me started on the birds. Looking like something out of Windows 98 clipart, the ‘eagles’ come in two forms – flying or coming in to land and no matter where the actors wave their coathanger weapons or scream with fear, the birds just don’t sync up with their positions and that’s without acknowledging the fact they look as fake as you could possibly get without having a kid to draw them on.

I know you’re thinking that a film that has been brought out onto Blu-Ray can’t possibly be that bad. Unfortunately it is. Apparently it would seem that there’s a cult following for this movie but the fans must have somehow passed me by because I’ve not seen any. It bamboozles me how this film could have been picked up to release on DVD nevermind people actually enjoying it. The Blu-Ray release from Severin Films, which is available now, includes an array of extras including an interview with James Nguyen and trailers as well as deleted scenes.

I really don’t understand how anyone could enjoy this movie as it caused me great pain just to get through it. I know there are “so bad it’s good” movies but this definitely falls into the “so bad it’s awful” camp. If you get off on punishing yourself then Birdemic: Shock and Terror may just be for you. For everyone else though, might I suggest sticking pins in your eyes for a more enjoyable experience.

Rating: ½☆☆☆☆

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