Latest TV: The Young Ones had a spooky, mysterious unknown 5th housemate all along……and its eerie!

The Young Ones

The Young Ones was and still is one of the greatest British sitcoms of all time, a crazy. surreal show that made icons out of characters Rik, Vyvyan, Mike and Neil and stars out of Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson.

The show ran for two short seasons but still finds a generation of new fans and I was one of the lucky ones who is old enough to remember watching the show when it first came out.  Back then I recorded every episode on VHS and that poor tape was well used for many years and even now along with its sort of spin off Bottom, I still watch the odd episode now and again.

This news story came to my attention two days ago and now it seems all other websites are following it, so while at first I saw the headline and didn’t think much of it, its only now I have really looked at the fuss its generating and boy…….how bat shit crazy is this?

No matter how many times I watched the show, I’ve never noticed…not once spotted this eerily and quite frankly spooky character at the background, looking like a reject from a J Horror Movie.

The “mysterious roommate” is in every episode in season 1:


Just there, making no noise, with their hair covering their face.


It really does make an eerily watch now, especially in episode 5 where Vyvyan is hovering and this character is just sitting on the chair, and just staring in empty space.4047_full


Some Youtube videos are sharing the clips of this man, but for me, I will be getting my box set out and trying to spot this character who has evaded my attention for nearly thirty years now….

Outstanding and if you are one of the ones who knew of his existence….pat on the back for you….



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  1. Arghhhhh this is megagagaga creepy! The Young Ones was one if the best things to happen to me as a kid but now I’m wondering if this semi-subliminal Exorcist style shizzle made it infiltrate my headpiece even more deeper than SPG in Lemmy’s unbung de dung. I remember a super quick edit of a frog jumping from a tree – bit Nic Roeg ting. I wonder if David Lynch watched the Young Ones coz he uses a similar trick in Blue Velvet – see if you can spot it. Armchair Thriller Quiet As A Nun also comes to mind – a show that should NEVER have been re-run on daytime TV when many kids are left alone in front of the TV while their parents vacuum shards of glass out of the kitchen carpet. This flicker frame subliminal tricks are kind of unethical. Be interesting to list other shows / films that use them. Maybe if you play the Young Ones backwards FTUMPSCH will appear! Or PAZUZU!!! Or most terrifying of all – Alexei Sale as Jertzy the landlord!!!!!!!!! PS i lived in the sticks as a kid and would pull my hair over my face and stand at the side of country lanes hoping to scare car drivers whizzing past. Sick puppy – and I blame The Young Ones, Armchair Thriller and Thatcher he he. Great article thanks for posting.

    Abject Bloc Evaginator

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