What Horror Games Would Make a Great Themed Casino

dead space

Las Vegas is already home to many different themed casinos, and they can be a great place to have some entertaining fun. As well as themed casinos the gambling industry really does like to relate everything to modern media. If you go into any casino or even an online casino you will find many themed slot machines that are based on cult films and TV shows, the ultimate guide to slot machines can lead you in the right direction if you are interested. The Las Vegas Strip already features a Paris themed casinos which includes a half scale replica of the Eiffel tower, a sign in the shape of the Montgolfier balloon a two thirds size Arc de Triomphe and a replica of La Fontaine des Mers . There is also the famous Planet Hollywood casino that features on the Vegas Strip it was previously known as The Aladdin, now it has been converted into a Hollywood-themed resort.  There are casinos and many slot machines dedicated to different themes, but for those who like to be scared there is nothing on offer as of yet. Here is a list of horror games that could make great themed casinos.

Resident Evil

In the past few years the world has gone mad over all things to do with zombies, and with all the films, TV shows and games that are only increasing in popularity it doesn’t show signs of stopping yet. There are also many activities centred on zombies, that you can even go paintballing while fake zombies chase you. Maybe now is the time to make the push for a zombie themed casino, which is resident evil is the perfect game to focus the casino on as in one of the resident evil films the Paris hotel and casino is even scene. An idea for a resident themed casino could be a few zombies floating round here and there to create a thrilling atmosphere for those who really want an exciting game of slots or any other classic table games.


BioShock is a visually stunning game which could work out really well as a themed casino. It is set in the 1960’s yet is not your typical 60’s set up. The game is in the underwater city of Rapture; as the game plays out the city’s history is revealed through audio recordings the idea is a utopia for society’s elite to flourish which could be a perfect theme for a fantasy luxury casino. A BioShock themed casino will draw all vintage, and fantasy lovers as gamblers could enjoy a 1960’s utopia, it would definitely offer something a little bit different to the Las Vegas Strip.

Dead Space

With the mention of zombie themed casinos, and past utopian themed casinos, to explore slightly other types of horror games Dead Space would be the perfect modern game that could make the transition to an alien themed casinos. Dead space takes place in outer space in the 26th century, with the idea of mankind expanding and colonizing on other planets at the forefront of so many games, films and TV shows it makes sense to branch out into casinos. The whole casino theme could be based around a spaceship, with staff dressing up like different types of aliens, and as the game, Dead Space features a few zombies, it could be an all-round crowd pleaser.

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