YOU’RE GONNA DIE TONIGHT – A Short Film by Sergio Morcillo

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Directed by Sergio Morcillo

After a night out, Victoria decides to treat herself to a hot bath in the comfort of her home in which she intimately recalls her previous sexual engagement. An anonymous phone call interrupts her pleasure with the threatening statement “You’re gonna die tonight!”, words that will long linger into the night…

Spanish filmmaker Sergio Morcillo returns after his clown horror short Your Screams Make Me Laugh with English language slasher tale YOU’RE GONNA DIE TONIGHT where a lone woman finds herself the victim of a masked killer who intends her harm.

No real background is given to lead character Victoria except for what we see on-screen. The opening shot sees Victoria stumbling onto a pavement looking a bit disheveled after a night out. With dried blood running from between her legs, we get the feeling that maybe Victoria is some kind of prostitute or has got so bladdered that she’s got herself into a bit of trouble as her demeanor is quite euphoric. Her subsequent soak in the bath reveals, what we assume, to have been her night out: an intense orgy with both men and women in a nightclub type surrounding. Mystery phone calls do nothing to frighten the woman who angrily shouts back down the phone at them but hearing a noise inside her house and discovering the front door open suddenly puts Victoria on her guard.

Morcillo’s use of suspense and vivid colours really heighten the senses whilst watching events unfold. We’re not sure what the outcome will be and why Victoria has been targeted, if there’s a reason at all, but slowly we discover just who the key players in this nightmare truly are.

Fantastic casting of Mónica Aragón as Victoria really makes the film work as well as it does. The viewer can instantly connect with her as she reveals herself over the 17 minute short, in more ways than one! Short horrors don’t have a lot of time to ensure their audience invest in them but Morcillo manages to wave his magic over the short do just that.

YOU’RE GONNA DIE TONIGHT has its twists and turns which keeps the viewer on their toes. One of them was a pleasant surprise but reminded me very much of a film called The Joker, which I reviewed just a couple of days ago, in such a way that it lost its effect a little. To everyone else I’m sure it’ll have the fully desired impact however I was still impressed by its ambition.

Sergio Morcillo has shown that he has the skills to tell a shocking story that will grab horror fans and I look forward to what else he has up his sleeve.

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