“Miss Me?” Sherlock fans stunned as the show reveals its greatest twist yet!

Recovered yet?

It takes something special for me to sit back in awe and think “Wow”.  Sherlock for its only short and annoying long waiting run has done that a few times.  If it was not the reveal of Moriarty, to that cliff-hanger by the pool, to Sherlock jumping to his death before appearing at his own grave, the show has stunned fans on a few occasions, a reason maybe why its so universally loved.

Last night though, Steven Moffat and Mark Gattis delivered quite possibly their finest trick. A final five minutes of what was already a brilliant tale of two people going to hell and back, only to find something much worse waiting for them on their return.

Was Moriarty really back from the dead?  What did the “Miss Me” really mean?  Judging by Social Media last night, not many fans saw what was coming and many like me sat up in complete and utter shock at what was unfolding.


There is a scene in the very first episode of Sherlock that brilliantly, unintentionally now gives away its greatest shock of all.  We know that the idea of last night only came to Moffat and Gattis last year, so if you re-watch that first episode again, you be amazed to see that the seeds of what was to come, is there already.

I am talking about when Sherlock meets Watson for the first time and shows off his brilliant mind, but gets it wrong when he says he has a “brother” as Watson gleefully informs him he has a “sister”.  Its that scene alone which makes the final moments of “The Lying Detective” such a joy.

Last week we were introduced to the mystery “E”, a girl on a bus who eye flirted with our John after he left his home with a flower behind his ear,  which ended up with them both having a text affair.  Many like myself suspected that there was more to this girl we saw briefly, especially as she was played by the rather talented Sian Brooke, but no one expected just how big her role was.

Last night we were firstly introduced to the daughter of  this episode’s bad guy (played brilliantly by a creepy Toby Jones), who brought the case to Sherlock.  Faith was an appealing, confused young woman who believed her Dad was up to no good and bonded with Sherlock after sharing some chips.  Even though alarm bells did ring a little when she disappeared during Sherlock’s drug affected breakdown.

While Sherlock was going through hell, Watson was trying to recover from the death of his wife by seeing a new therapist, a young woman who tried her best to get John out of his slum, even though the ghost of Mary was very much in the room with them both.

After 80 minutes of a brilliant but dark story that saw both Sherlock and Watson reconnect in brilliant fashion and finally take down their nemesis (the shades of Jimmy Savile were hard to ignore), their world and ours was turned upside down when John sat back down with his therapist.

First she mentions about Sherlock and Mycroft’s other brother, which Watson asks “How did she know about him?”, then she stands and reveals a flower behind her ear, the same one John had that day when he met “E”, while this is happening Sherlock discovers the note from Faith and finds the words “Miss Me” hidden in the middle of it!.  We know by now that the Faith he met and who sent him on the case was not the real Faith, but at first Sherlock dismissed her as a figment of his imagination,  a person he invented while on drugs to get himself onto a case he knew that was out there.

As we the viewer are trying to grasp what is going on, the therapist then begins to not only talk like “E” but also reveals she shared chips once with Sherlock and then starts to talk like Faith.

Finally the penny drops for Watson and for the millions watching.  “E”, Faith and the therapist are in fact the same person.  Just as we are trying to fathom that this woman has been playing three different characters and yet we never saw it, she then reveals the biggest shock of all.

She is fact Sherrinford, the third sibling!  Not a brother like we were led to believe but Sherlock and Mycroft’s sister and an evil one by the looks of things.

Before we could catch our breath, she then pulls out a gun, points it at a clearly frightened Watson and pulls the trigger, with the screen then turning red.

For a show that clearly loves its cliff-hangers, this was one of the best and even now I am trying to get my head around what we saw last night.  So the questions are?

  • What is her name?  Euros or Sherrinford?
  • Did she orchestrate the entire “Moriarty” is back campaign?
  • So does this mean Moriarty is dead and there is no comeback for Andrew Scott?
  • Why is she so evil and what is her game?
  • How despite his brilliant mind, didn’t Sherlock spot Faith or the Therapist was his sister in disguise?
  • Does this cliff-hanger mean that we have already had this season’s tradition and Season 4 will end…happily?

All will be revealed next Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.  But here is a slight promo!





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