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Written and Directed by Jose Prendes
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Dubbed the worst movie ever to be made, Ed Wood’s Plan 9 From Outer Space becomes the focus of hilarious, tongue-in-cheek analytical documentary UNSPEAKABLE HORRORS: THE PLAN 9 CONSPIRACY featuring some of the leading fictional theorists and real-life cult filmmakers in existance today.

With a voiceover from a Morgan Freeman soundalike, we uncover the hidden meanings and truths buried in Ed Wood’s movie with the aid of Professor Dr. Billiam Blake (Buz Wallick), of the Inuit Technical Institute of Des Moines, and Diane Freely (a terrific Maria Olsen), Head of Genital Studies and author of Tricky Dick: The Penial Scourge in Politics, tremendous insight. Watch how Dr Blake notices the Eskimo links and subtext hidden within the film whilst Diane Freeley accurately observes the phallic imagery littered throughout the movie. As if that wasn’t enough, conspiracy podcaster Woody Carter (Joshua Lou Friedman) enlightens us on the Illuminati symbolism repeatedly used through the film including the many instances of sixes, from the 6-shaped curl in Criswell’s hair to the numerology present from the car numberplates.

It’s a non-stop barrel of laughs as the likes of these aforementioned fictious characters and real-life cult film directors Joe Dante, Tom Holland, Brian Yuzna, William Lustig, actor Daniel Roebuck and others speak about the film, highlighting just how influential Plan 9 From Outer Space actually was. How they manage to keep a straight face is beyond me, especially as they link Ed Wood’s penchant for cross-dressing as leading the way for others and for Caitlyn Jenner’s sex change whilst pointing out that Dick Chaney actually worked on Plan 9.

Poking fun at recent ridiculous conspiracy documentaries like Room 237, which went completely overboard in its tenuously links to imagery and symbolism, UNSPEAKABLE HORRORS: THE PLAN 9 CONSPIRACY just switches the idea on its head to become so outrageous that it’s an absolute hoot and what better way than Ed Wood’s famed flick. Where Room 237 stated that The Shining supposedly had a native American suppression theme running through it, Plan 9 is one big metaphor for the Eskimo lifestyle and struggle. The Shining‘s phallic imagery in the office of The Overlook Hotel is no match for the genitalia obsession within Plan 9 which Maria Olsen’s Diane Freely eagerly and disgustedly points out. If you’re looking for a film tied to real UFO encounters, Illuminati/New World Order messages and phallic symbolism, then you can’t get much deeper than Plan 9 From Outer Space.

Clearly Ed Wood was an educated genius trying to convey a message to us all and thankfully we now have Jose Prendes’ documentary to enlighten us. One of the most groundbreaking documentaries of our time, UNSPEAKABLE HORRORS: THE PLAN 9 CONSPIRACY needs to be seen by everyone… preferably with a beer, a big bowl of popcorn and a bellyful of laughs.

Rating: ★★★★☆



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