Fright Fest (2017): Best to worst

Well it’s been another great Fright Fest – you can follow my diary here, here, here, here and here. But here’s the bottom line, the lowdown, for anyone that can’t be arsed scrolling through about 10 thousand words to see what’s what. Here I’ve ranked everything I watched on a handy list, except Mindhack because I never got to the end. Looking over it, this makes me realise that 2017 was maybe my best fright Fest yet. Not in terms of stand outs, although there were some, as much as the sheer consistency! Frankly any film in the top 16 is one I’d say it say was worth seeing and there aren’t any real turkeys ’til twenty. Lastly, I’d like to thank both Clout Communications and The Horror Channel for inviting me back, and HCF for giving me the opportunity to represent them again.

    1. Tragedy Girls
    2. Better Watch Out
    3. Crow’s Blood
    4. Cult of Chucky
    5. Replace
    6. The Terror of Hallow’s Eve
    7. Jackals
    8. Leatherface
    9. Victor Crowley
    10. Freehold
    11. The Villainess
    12. Double Date
    13. Mayhem
    14. Radius
    15. Ruin Me
    16. Deathnote
    17. Inside
    18. Killing Ground
    19. Sequence Break
    20. Still/Born
    21. Nightworld

Note you can also read my interview with the Double Date team here, and Todd Tucker on The Terror of Hallow’s Eve here. As per usual, please note that all of these movies were seen in the context of a festival, and thus may be prone to Festival goggles because of the hype/ atmosphere etc. (a great example of this was in 2012, when I gave VHS 5 stars). As such, if you trawl through the reviews, interpret with a pinch of salt. And with that my Fright Fest coverage for 2017 is done.

Roll on 2018.

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