Hardware and Dust Devil director Richard Stanley hasn’t long finished Color Out Of Space, an adaptation of an H.P. Lovecraft short story, and he’s already talking about his next film, a new adaptation of Lovecraft’s The Dunwich Horror!

The Dunwich Horror begins in the degenerate, unpopular backwater of Dunwich, where Wilbur Whately, a most unusual child, is born. Of unnatural parentage, he grows at an uncanny pace to an unsettling height, but the boy’s arrival simply precedes that of a true horror — One of the Old Ones, that forces the people of the town to hole up by night, fearing for their lives, only able to trace the wreckage wrought by the gigantic, unseen monster by the bright light of day. In his classic style, H. P. Lovecraft weaves unearthly fantasies of creatures beyond conception — existing between the dimensions that we know.

This tale has been adapted for various formats, with movie versions dating from 1970 and 2009. I’ve seen the 1970 one, and it’s not really a bad adaptation even if people keep pronouncing ‘Dunwich’ wrong throughout.

As Stanley said to ‘Ain’t It Cool News’:

“I’m pleased to say that SpectreVision has greenlit me to go forward with two further Lovecraft adaptations. So Color Out Of Space will be the first of a trilogy. I have already started prepping on the second movie which is going to be a new adaptation of The Dunwich Horror. It will take us back to Miskatonic University for the first time since Re-animator. And it will also give us a chance to deal directly with the Necronomicon, the black book that lies at the center of the Lovecraft universe”.

And the third movie?

“I can’t tell you. For all kinds of reasons. But I will say that 2020 is set to be the year of The Old Ones. For whatever reason, everyone seems to be developing a Lovecraft project. The Game Of Thrones guys are doing their Lovecraft movie. Jordan Peele’s Lovecraft Country is about to hit. And I think we’re going to be seeing a lot of Lovecraft adaptations in the next two to three years, being that the great man’s work is now in the public domain. So that means we’ve got to be a little strategic in how much talking we do about where this trajectory is heading”.

Exciting news for Lovecraft lovers!

Color Out Of Space is out in US cinemas in three days time, and in UK ones on February 28th, though only as a limited release.

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