Glasgow FrightFest (2020): films ranked

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What a weekend! There were veterans shooting punks, Zombies devouring cabbages, something I won’t spoil bursting out a pee-hole and various things going up someone’s jacksie. And people say horror films are all the same! For those who followed my FrightFest diaries, here and here, or those who didn’t bother, this is the bottom line: how the movies ranked. It ought to go without saying that this is imprecise, and it’s not necessarily fair to compare A Ghost Awaits to Butt Boy – given both have radically different aims. Still, here’s the 11 movies I caught, in order of how much each impressed me. Note that with the exception of the last two I’d recommend all to some extent or another. For instance, Sea Fever may not be high, since I found it too derivative. It’s still an enjoyable nautical nightmare though – the standard for this year was pretty darn high. Nevertheless, there can only be one winner and, for me, the agony/ ecstasy of Saint Maud was the definite stand out. I can’t wait to see what Rose Glass does next.

  1. Saint Maud
  2. VFW
  3. The Mortuary Collection
  4. Butt Boy
  5. Zombie For Sale
  6. In The Quarry
  7. The Cleansing Hour
  8. A Ghost Awaits
  9. Sea Fever
  10. A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio
  11. Anderson Falls

As per usual, festival goggles apply, and perhaps a second viewing of any may make me change my mind. I suspect the order, which I know the organisers work hard on, will have some effect too. On that, I’d like to thank the fab four once again, and everyone else who helped this event happen: creatives, volunteers and audience members alike. We have a special tradition here, and it’s something I’m ever grateful for.

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