Arrow Video FrightFest: Halloween event goes digital

It’s a home invasion sequel! Arrow Video FrightFest will go virtual for the second time in 2020. Unfortunately, the gang have taken the difficult, but completely right, decision to cancel their planned Halloween event at Cineworld, Leicester Square. As you can likely guess, this is due to concerns about the safety for festival-goers, along with the continuing COVID restrictions making the event socially, practically and commercially untenable.

Fortunately, as was shown in August, they know how to do a darn good online fest. Thus the digital edition will run over the same days, from Oct 22-25 Oct. Films are not yet known, but it’ll combine a selection of the planned in-cinema offerings, and some from the proposed Halloween digital event, into one online festival experience. At this stage, all we have been told is the lineup will include over forty films which will be announced on Thurs 1 Oct, with tickets going on sale the same day. As with the August online event, passes and individual tickets will be available, and folks can watch from any sofa in the United Kingdom. Which is great news for the many horror fans, such as myself, who may be anxious about travelling. More news as we get it, although you can also follow it on the FrightFest website.

You can read about the August digital event here.

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