After that Shocking Reveal, Does Episode 5 of WandaVision Change the Marvel Universe Forever?


This WandaVision episode 5 review contains spoilers. If you have not watched the latest episode, then please avoid!!!









We haven’t spoken at all about Marvel’s stunning TV Show Wandavison on HorrorCultFilms, since the show started five weeks ago and now that needs to change.  Why?  Is it horror?  Is it a cult?  Well you could say its both!  The image of a dead Vision in Episode 4 will go down as one of the most nightmarish images of 2021, while the style of the show is without question, destined to be a cult hit for many of years.

Not since a few people crash landed on an island and became LOST, has a TV show generated so much debate on the internet, with each episode planting more questions than answers and fans on tenterhooks waiting for the next instalment.  There is something really old fashioned in the way all of us have to wait a week and while I totally understand why the modern viewer accustomed to their binge-watch are so annoyed, for me personally, its great that we all sharing this journey, than being the usual five episodes behind someone and then getting everything spoilt on Social Media.

Yes, the first two episodes were off a very acquired taste, with its BEWITCHED style sitcom setting, but even during those moments, there were hints of darkness, from the uncomfortable dinner scene to of course that emerging “Beekeeper” and while Episode 4 answered a lot of our theories, Episode 5 more or less has shockingly changed the MARVEL UNIVERSE forever.

First though a recap.  We know that Vision died at the hands of Thanos and yet somehow here he is,  living in the suburbs with Wanda and starring in a 60’s style sitcom that offers weak jokes to panned laughter.  While they both try to hide their Superpowers, the neighbours around them are friendly and yet at times act like they are hiding something sinister.  Suspicions go further when the sitcom goes all colour and Wanda discovers she is pregnant with twins and while giving birth she is helped by Geraldine who then lets slip that she knows about “Ultron” and that he killed her brother Pietro.

Shocked at this, Wanda uses her power to send Geraldine out of the town, flying through a force field that looks like a distorted TV Signal, where she lands in the “real world” surrounded by Government agents.  Its later revealed that Geraldine is in fact Monica Rambeau, who was one of those affected by the Thanos snap and now working for SWORD and is investigating how a whole town is missing!

It is the former friend of THORDr Darcy Lewis that discovers the TV Signal in which its bizarrely showing WANDAVISION and its revealed that it seems Wanda has created this world and is in fact the danger.  Imprisoning the residents of the town to play out this make believe world, the more strange occurrences happening, the more Vision is getting aware that something is not quite right within the town he is living in.

From this week’s episode you can see the walls begin to breakdown around Vision, who gets some answers from a work colleague who he manages to briefly snap him out of this “spell” and who then begs Vision for help.  While all this is going on, the twins who started the show as babies, grow to be ten years of age and strangely gets a dog who later dies, which again offers a darkness that is yet to be explained.

As always, SWORD ignores good advice, this time from Monica and decide to send a drone into the town, aimed to shoot at Wanda, which of course does not work and for the first time, we see Wanda leave Westview and into the “real world” which every fan must have noticed, by doing that, she switches into her traditional appearance and accent, threatening those who interfere with what is happening.

She arrives back into her comfort home, only to be challenged by Vision who is demanding answers in which Wanda once more tries to cut him off by magically allowing the closing titles of Wandavision to start (I know reading this does not make sense, but its brilliantly done), but Vision refuses to bow down, ending with them both facing off, in what seems to be edging towards an epic fight.

You’ve never talked to me like this before,” Wander sadly says in which Vision admits that he can’t remember his life before Westview, proving to us all that he can not remember his death, which then Wanda offers a first taste that perhaps she is not the “real” bad guy in all this.

I don’t know how any of this started in the first place,” she states, which means either what is happening has somewhat gone out of her control or there really is someone else orchestrating events – perhaps Dottie who is once more missing from this episode.

But then comes the huge shock – the moment that has changed the universe MARVEL has created all these years.  The doorbell rings, oddly at a perfect time to stop the arguing, Wanda answers and after a long pause, the one who is knocking is revealed to be her dead brother Pietro…but wait!!! Its not Aaron Taylor-Johnson, the MCU’s Quicksilver. It’s Evan Peter’s Quicksilver, the X-MEN version.

She recast Pietro!?” mutters a watching Darcy who like all of us, is stunned at the shocking twist and a line that will go down in Marvel lore….

Yes, the X-MEN have officially joined MCU, how and why is again giving us questions that we just can not answer at the moment, but as each passing minute goes by, the mystery in Westview gets even more deeper and makes WANDAVISION a stunning TV Marvel….

Roll on to next week!



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