Demo Lands on Steam For PROTOCORGI as Release Date Announced

Kemono Games and Ravenscourt have announced that ProtoCorgi will release on 26th August 2021 for PC and Nintendo Switch. After gathering his strength to go on his quest to save his creator, the cybernetic pup Bullet is now ready to head out and defeat every villain that stands between him and Nixie. The new story trailer sheds light on how Bullet came to life and also how Nixie disappeared.

If you want to take the cute-yet-deadly cybernetic Corgi for a walk, you can do so in a new demo that is part of the Steam Next Fest. In addition to the gameplay, the demo also includes a first, limited look at the level editor of ProtoCorgi and lets you create custom adventures for Bullet. The level editor offers different backgrounds that you’ll explore while playing the story of ProtoCorgi and gives you access to all kinds of obstacles to make Bullet’s life a little bit harder while navigating your creation. Obviously, the level editor also lets you place all sorts of enemies in the cybernetic pup’s path to bark up. You can even decide whether you want your level to be classic sidescroller or if you want to move up or down and which tune from the soundtrack you want to accompany your custom level. If you want to unlock all possible content for the level editor when you got your hands on the full game on 26th August, you’ll have to finish Bullet’s heroic story in the campaign.

When Bullet discovers that Nixie was kidnapped by evil alien forces seeking galactic domination, the cute, yet deadly Corgi goes on a quest to save her. The adventure ahead fills your screen with fully animated beautiful retro pixel art and lets you experience Bullet’s fights with precise controls, solid gameplay and passionate story. Shoot, Dodge and Bark your way through in this adorable Bark’em up!

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