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Directed by Zach Lamplugh
On digital now from Fractured Visions

Cameraman and producer Zach Lamplugh joins longtime collaborator, journalist Brian Emond, to document the hunt for Bigfoot in the Appalachian foothills, but it seems the duo may have bitten off more than they can chew.

Comedy mockumentary BIGFOOT HUNTERS is a riot from start to finish with tongue-in-cheek references and jokes aplenty as the stony-faced journalist Brian Emond does what it takes to secure his big break.

After making his name interviewing reclusive rapper Lil’ Soundcloud, Emond finds himself propelled into the spotlight by his employers, Compound (a thinly-veiled take on VICE).  When it turns out that all he’s doing is producing clickbait journalism, he suspects that his next assignment will put him in good stead for an investigative journalism role. So, he begrudging takes on the task of documenting the hunt for Bigfoot, accompanied by his producer/cameraman Zach and assisted by Bigfoot researcher, Jeffrey Stephenson – a man who has purported to have seen and captured footage at Blue Ridge of Bigfoot. What could go wrong?

In this light-hearted mockumentary, we’re introduced to a variety of comical characters from the very beginning. My favourite of the random characters that pops up is Dirty Dollarsigns, a rival ‘host’ who has his own show in which he and his posse, including a guy nicknamed White Morpheus, sit around smoking weed and eating grub which they give their verdict on. Then there’s Cryptid Commander host, Jeffrey Stephenson, Brian and Zach’s guide on the search for Bigfoot. He’s supposedly seen and captured footage of the mythical creature and has dedicated his life to researching Bigfoot, even losing the woman he loves because of his obsession. As an Eagle Scout, the Compound crew are in good hands with Jeff or at least that’s what they think…

BIGFOOT HUNTERS plays out exactly how you would expect a proper documentary to, but of course this one is riddled with humour, too much to take anything too seriously. From visual cues to one-liners, there’s plenty of fun to be had but it doesn’t detract too much from the story as you want to see if Brian, Zach and Jeff will get a glimpse of the Sasquatch. Will Brian’s mimicry of a Bigfoot call be enough to entice the elusive creature?

Rating: ★★★☆☆


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