THE BEAST (2019)

Available now on VOD A lot of the South Korean thrillers that receive mainstream attention overseas might be considered eccentric or darkly comedic, but there is another side to this coin as Jung Ho-Lee’s crime […]

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Now Available on DVD In any artistic endeavour, film-making or otherwise, there’s an old saying ‘always steal from the best.’ Of course this isn’t enough to guarantee the quality of the final project but a […]

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URUBÚ (2019) [Grimmfest 2020 Review]

URUBÚ (2019) Directed by Alejandro Ibáñez Spanish and Portuguese Language with English Subtitles Screened at Grimmfest 2020 Wildlife photographer and ornithologist Tomás travels with his family to the Amazon rainforest to take photos of the […]



THE DEEPER YOU DIG (2019) Directed by The Adams Family When her 14 year old daughter Echo goes missing one evening, Ivy Allen searches far and wide across their rural upstate New York neighbourhood to […]

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STOMACH (2019)

UK Release Date – TBC With a strange title and a striking poster Alex Visani’s Stomach promises a lot. Both suggest all kinds of body horror imagery and subconscious desires. Does it ever deliver on […]



KOKO-DI KOKO-DA (2019) Written and Directed by Johannes Nyholm Swedish language with English subtitles Released exclusively to BFI player, Blu-ray and digital on 7th September 2020 A couple are traumatised after the unexpected death of […]

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La Llorona (2020)

LA LLORONA (2020) Directed by Jayro Bustamante Until last year, when the mediocre Conjuring spinoff came out, I’d never heard of La Llorona in my life. Yet, in Latin America, she’s a household name, in […]

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Impetigore (2019)

IMPETIGORE Directed by Joko Anwar When I first heard about Shudder, I assumed it’d be a place people could go to find schlocky, disposable flicks time forgot. While it’s got a lot of that too, […]



FANNY LYE D’LIVERED Written and Directed by Thomas Clay In 1657, during the Cromwellian Protectorate after the civil war, England was an oppressed place to live, in particular for women. The puritan patriarchy sees titular […]

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Driven (2019)

DRIVEN Directed by Glenn Payne Last night I was speaking with a friend about my favourite horror-comedies. He’s never liked horror flicks, so was maybe asking about these as a potential route in. I get […]

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The Fanatic (2019)

THE FANATIC Directed by Fred Durst Well, it worked for Rob Zombie. You’ll presumably know director/ co-writer Fred Durst from his days with nu-metal outfit Limp Bizkit. Their juvenile humour, backwards baseball caps and shallow […]

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Feedback (2019)

FEEDBACK (2019) Directed by Pedro C. Alonso Feedback is one of the films I missed at FrightFest last year, in favour of the frankly fantastic Extracurricular. It was also one I heard next to nothing […]