FrightFest (2022): Films ranked

Another year, another FrightFest. This is the page for you for those who don’t have the time to read five days’ worth of diaries and other reviews or can’t be arsed. Here I rank every film I saw, with two exception. One can’t be placed because it is presently under embargo until its release later this year. Note that is not a comment on it’s quality – it’s common for films that already have distribution deals. I also didn’t include Final Cut because how much you get from it will depend on how familiar you are with the Japanese original and how you feel about shot-for-shot remakes. However, it’s an excellent movie and retains everything that made its source material so unique.

As usual, festival goggles apply – something I have stated every year since I placed The Master Cleanse above Train to Busan in 2016. These are also subject to change – hell, I may have changed my mind by the time you’re reading this. I also want to emphasise that a low position doesn’t mean the film is bad. The standards for FrightFest were dead high this year, and frankly, it’s crazy to see something like She Came From The Woods feature towards the end when I still had a good time watching it. And how the hell can something as enjoyable as Cult Of VHS be as low as number 12!? But anyway, after much deliberation…

1. Next Exit
2. Daughter
3. Lola
4. Terrifier 2
5. The Visitor From The Future
6. Candy Land
7. Stalker
8. A Wounded Fawn
9. Incredible But True
10. Something In The Dirt
11. Torn Hearts
12. Cult of VHS
13. The Harbinger
14. Night Sky
15. New Religion
16. Follow Her
17. She Came From The Woods
18. Fall
19. Swallowed
20. The Lair
21. Dark Glasses
22. Wolf Manor
23. Burial
24. Control
25. Mastemah

And that’s it from me. Thanks to HorrorCultFilms for letting me represent the site again, plus Alan, Paul, Greg and, Ian, everyone else who makes FrightFest what it is. This is a beautiful tradition that I’m always glad to be a small part of.

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