Global Beta Announced For Medieval-Fantasy Multiplayer Battle Videogame WARHAVEN


Take up arms, master the magical arts, and prepare for all out war. Nexon invites players to the medieval-fantasy world of Herarth in WARHAVEN, a massive and visceral team-based close combat action game. Players can transform into an almighty Immortal and be among the first to seize victory during the Global Beta from October 12th through November 2nd 2022 on Steam.

Formerly known as Project HP, WARHAVEN transports players to a paradoxical medieval-fantasy world to compete in fierce 16v16 sword-and-magic multiplayer battles. Master an array of medieval weaponry with fluid hack-and-slash combat and control ballistae, cannons, and siege engines to cut through opposing forces. When steel isn’t enough to conquer the battleground, worthy soldiers can evolve into supernatural beings known as Immortals. Harness god-like abilities and unleash magical havoc onto the enemy.

Accessible through the WARHAVEN Steam page, players participating in the upcoming Global Beta will be able to brawl in three different game modes across The Holy Grounds. Storm pits soldiers in brutal battles on Mochabarg, a castle divided by a destroyed bridge. Combatants must vie for control of the bridge and weaken the enemy forces in order to claim victory. Skirmish is a cutthroat struggle where soldiers will attack and attempt to capture enemy bases on Paden. Convoy drops soldiers onto the largest battleground. Conquering the vast arena will require strategic thinking to gain the upper hand and strike down adversaries.

Ready to turn the tide of battle? Unleash the power of an Immortal and join the WARHAVEN Global Beta from October 12th through November 2nd 2022 on Steam.

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