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VARSITY BLOOD: Out Now To Rent and Buy

What Is It All About? A bunch of stupid teens with a secret. Some handsome jocks, Some sexy Cheerleaders. An old Farmhouse.  A masked Killer……..its like the 80’s Slash boom…..never happened. The Trailer [youtube][/youtube] The […]



WARRIOR KING 2 (2013) Directed by Prachya Pinkaew Thai and English language with subtitles Kham’s beloved elephant Korn is once again kidnapped forcing the young man to battle twins thirsty for revenge, martial artist assassins […]

HCF Reviews


WHITE SETTLERS (2014) Directed by Simeon Halligan Young couple Sarah and Ed move from the bustling city of London to an isolated farmhouse, with bags of potential, in the quaint Scottish borders. After purchasing the […]