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Christmas Bloody Christmas

Written and Directed by Joe Begos
Streaming on Shudder

Record shop owner Tori decides to hit the town with her faithful employee Robbie to celebrate Christmas Eve. Their evening of boozing, rock n roll and oral pleasure is gatecrashed when a robotic Santa Claus from a nearby toy store goes haywire and embarks on a slaying rampage.

Shudder have provided the treats this Xmas with the arrival of Joe Begos’ festive slasher CHRISTMAS BLOODY CHRISTMAS on its streaming platform.

Centred on a couple of rockers, the film sees the duo spend Christmas Eve battling for their lives… and the night was going oh so well!

After closing up the record store for the day and paying their friends a visit at the toy shop, where they’re greeted by a robotic Father Christmas (Abraham Benrubi), Tori and Robbie go on to celebrate the evening down at the local bar. Little do they know that whilst their friends are getting amorous after hours in the toy store, someone is watching their every thrust move. Two’s company but three’s most definitely a crowd for this couple!

CHRISTMAS BLOODY CHRISTMAS hints at the carnage that’s to come when a news report on TV announces that the robotic Santas have been recalled due to them reverting back to their original programming. Having been initially created for the US military before being recommissioned as fun interactive store assets to usher in the holiday season, it’s no real surprise when Saint Nick turns homicidal.

Horror fans will adore the splatterfest that Joe Begos has lined up in CHRISTMAS BLOODY CHRISTMAS. The slayings are brutal and bloodthirsty as the seemingly unstoppable machine refuses to give up until every living thing it interacts with is dead. And yes, that even involves minors. Prepare for crushed skulls, split-open bodies and a hell of a lot more besides!

The cat and mouse chase between the protagonists and sociopathic Santa Claus is thrilling to watch as the duo fall foul of the winter snap, unreliable motors and the struggles of facing a killer robot. Think Terminator but with more expletives and buckets of blood!

This unrelenting horror brings the violence but with it a sense of fun that will have you grinning from ear to ear. It’s sexy, savage and wildly entertaining, with two leads you can’t help but fall in love with (hats off to Riley Dandy and Sam Delich who ooze coolness and sizzle with chemistry as Tori and Robbie). Unfortunately for them and everyone around them, it’s not the most wonderful time of the year. If they want to see Christmas morning, they’re going to have to use their wits and anything they can lay their hands on to battle and escape this arctic assassin!

Backed by a rockin’ synth soundtrack that delivers 80’s genre vibes, this neon-lit yuletide horror should be on every slasher fan’s watchlist this Christmas.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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