Fight, Farm and Forage In Upcoming Medieval Fantasy RPG Game MIRTHWOOD


Bad Ridge Games and V Publishing have introduced Mirthwood, a new medieval fantasy RPG and Life Sim adventure which is set to arrive on PC in early 2024. With captivating single-player gameplay, players embark on an epic journey through a beautifully crafted world filled with mystery and magic.

Arriving in a land filled with opportunity and secrets, players create their own adventurer, a refugee having freshly fled from a war-torn continent. With a completely open world and non-linear progression, players can choose what kind of life they want to lead. Those with wanderlust may elect to navigate through treacherous forests, explore ancient ruins, and battle against formidable creatures to uncover the land’s hidden treasures.

Some may long for the simple life of settling down. Players will come to own an upgradable homestead, building up their very own farm, complete with crops, orchards, and animal rearing. Take your produce to the local town, trading and interacting with various unique personalities and characters using a Sims-like relationship system. Building friendships and trust can lead to unique rewards, quests, and even budding romances.

Mirthwood offers players a deep and engaging experience, with a rich world and questing system filled with twists and turns. Along the way, players will contend with the unpredictable world around them, making choices that affect their character and others, allowing for multiple playthroughs and unique experiences. The game also features a robust crafting system, allowing players to create powerful weapons and items to aid them at home and in their travels.

With stunning visuals and an immersive soundtrack, Mirthwood is sure to captivate players with its detailed world. A cast of memorable characters, intricate storylines, and dynamic combat will keep players continually engaged and challenged throughout their journey. Mirthwood will be coming in 2024. Be sure to check it out and embark on an unforgettable adventure.

Key Features:

Mirthwood features a rich, fully realized world with gorgeous hand-drawn graphics and an original musical score. Embark on an enchanting journey and brave ferocious creatures in an immersive medieval fantasy world. Will you settle a new homestead to live a life of farming and trade, or pick up the sword and take the adventurer’s path?

  • Homestead – build a farm, plant, and harvest crops, rear animals, and upgrade your facilities to craft items and gear.
  • Explore – explore an open world comprised of six diverse regions and three distinct towns, with much to discover.
  • Fight – take up a sword or ready your bow in real-time combat; Mirthwood will pit you against a variety of enemies.
  • Adventure – embark on quests, encounter dynamic events, and investigate mysteries across the world.
  • Socialise – meet and befriend (or insult) any NPC, and unlock new social interactions as your relationships grow.

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