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Day Shift

  Jamie Foxx is hunting down Vampires, in this overlong and quickly tiresome Netflix actioner…. An opening act in which Bud (Jamie Foxx) whips out a shotgun full of wooden pellets and has a slam-dunk with […]


SEIZED (2020)

SEIZED (2020) Directed by Isaac Florentine Out now on DVD and Digital A father is forced back into the world he left behind when his son is kidnapped. Ordered to wipe out three cartel heads, […]


PAYBACK (2020)

PAYBACK (2020) Directed by Jesse V. Johnson Having thought each other had died during their last job, partners in crime, Sue and French, decide to do one final job for their boss Tommy – a […]



AVENGEMENT (2019) Directed by Jesse V. Johnson Criminal Cain Burgess breaks out of police custody whilst visiting his dying mother to take revenge on those that got him banged up in prison in the first […]