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The Snowman (2017)

THE SNOWMAN Directed by Tomas Alfredson Dead women beneath a blanket of white, plus cloak and dagger intrigue – it can only be Nordic Noire. Although this Scandinavian subgenre has graced our TV screens for […]


PALO ALTO (2013)

PALO ALTO (2013) Directed by Gia Coppola PALO ALTO focuses on the lives of a group of teenagers. Though their lives have already been set on the collision course, things come to a head at […]


THE DOORS (1991)

THE DOORS (1991) Directed by Oliver Stone There are things known, and things unknown, and in between are the doors. THE DOORS chronicles the birth and rise of the titular band, predominantly focusing on the […]

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Bad Lieutenant (2009)

[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fm4BdkOXfxk[/youtube] Bad Lieutenant (2009) (18) Running time: 122 minutes Director: Werner Herzog Writers: William M FinkelsteinVictor Argo Starring: Nicholas Cage, Eva Mendes, Val Kilmer Reviewed by: Matt Wavish, official HCF critic Watched this , and […]