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VIRUS [1980]

AKA FUKKATSU NO HAI, DAY OF RESURRECTION JAPAN  AVAILABLE ON DVD RUNNING TIME: 155 mins, 108 mins [export version], 94 mins [US TV version] REVIEWED BY: Dr Lenera   American geneticist Dr. Meyer accidentally creates […]


USED CARS (1980)

USED CARS (1980) Directed by Robert Zemeckis Used car salesman Rudy Russo has big aspirations. He needs to earn just $10,000 more to make up his $50,000 fee to run for state senate. After hearing […]



THE DEVIL HUNTER (1980) Directed by Jess Franco A beautiful, blonde-haired, blue-eyed actress named Laura Crawford is kidnapped and held to ransom on an island. Whilst her movie producer boss is prepared to pay the […]