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Brooklyn 45 (2023)

BROOKLYN 45 Directed by Ted Geoghegan If you’re expecting a cop-comedy prequel, look elsewhere. Despite the misleadingly schlocky poster, Ted Geoghegan’s latest is a sombre Christmas-set chamber piece about the aftermath of World War 2. […]

jakobs wife bluray


JACOB’S WIFE (2021) Directed by Travis Stevens Available on Blu-Ray and DVD Married to church minister Jakob Fedder for over 30 years, Anne finds herself tired of being the quiet, obedient housewife and yearns for […]

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Wendigo (2001)

WENDIGO (2001) Directed by Larry Fassenden Written by Larry Fassenden Starring Jake Weber, Patricia Clarkson, Erik Per Sullivan and John Speredakos [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2CPEFWzIX4[/youtube]  Jake Weber plays George who’s driving to upstate New York with his wife […]